Horiemon still wants Sony but settles for a PS3 for now

He kind of shyly mentioned that he actually owns a PS3. When asked why he bought one for himself, Horie claimed, "The machine is such a good buy. The graphics are amazingly clear. They created an incredible thing."

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shikwan4363d ago

Is that you think the PS3 is the greatest thing in graphics since sliced bread because you never owned an Xbox.

If I played my Sega Genesis all the time and then finally gave in and bought a PS2-I wouldn't believe my eyes.

Hello, WAKE UP....ALL YOU fanboys! Every system does something or another better than the other. There will NEVER be a one-all-be-all system.

NubreedLive4363d ago

shut your mouth, let the man think what is best for him... your whole comment is stupid, nobody here is talking about an xbox 360 and nobody cares, its the ps3 section... I personally don't care about an american console and don't care what you put the xbox 360 in, even if the graphics are twice as better as ps3, I still choose it like the two generations before it... let us fans be and dont bother with your filth of words

specialguest4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

what the hell is wrong with you?!? why do you bring your stupid fanboy ranting crap here? stick to the article yah moron. i am tired of you idiots ruining every article with this shiet!

this guy is someone filthy rich and important in Japan. he's known to have made attempts to buy out Sony. he likes the PS3. so what the F*** is you're problem with what he likes!? so noone has the right to like what they like? did he f***ing upset you because he didn't mention the 360?

GTFO and quit ruining news articles with your stupit moronic rants!

EnforcerOfTheTruth4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

shikwan you lil noob, Genesis was in the NES era ;-)

The Snake4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

Enforcer you lil noob. Genesis was in the SNES era. ;-)

bung tickler4363d ago

If someone were to go from playing ANY last gen system to playing a ps3 the graphics would look much better, HOWEVER the graphics DO NOT look better when put up next to the 360, so what shikwan is saying is that it is all relative. you fanboys are really too quick to bite peoples heads off.

specialguest4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

the point is that that Japanese guy who once attempted to buy out Sony, but since he was rejected the buy, he'll have to settle for a PS3 and he is impressed with it's graphics. he never made a comparison or stated anything against any other console. so why go bashing that Japanese guy for liking what he likes?

Shikwan made a point, but it has nothing to do with this article. let the damn Japanese guy be impressed by the PS3. go find another more fitting article to debate and bash on.

Lex Luthor4363d ago

This is the guy who could face prison and is currently on trial for the livedoor fraud scandal.

calderra4363d ago

Should fit right in with Sony execs!

[See also: Many top Sony execs bought Lik-Sang PSPs prior to suing them into oblivion. If Sony defines Lik-Sang's actions as illegal, then I wonder where in the legal code you could place an exec who engages in illegal trading practices WITHIN HIS OWN COMPANY!? So messed up.]