5 Gaming April Fools Jokes Played On You Today

MWEB GameZone writes: "The gaming world has its own rendition of April Fools' jokes, which are more likely to leave you with smile on your face than a mouth full of salt.

Here are five gaming related April Fools' jokes from Blizzard, Techland and more that you can expect to see throughout today."

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HanCilliers1208d ago

That's just epic, more devs should do it. Where's Valve with a TF2 April Fools?

Choc_Salties1208d ago

more like, announce HL3 just for giggles... :)

FarEastOrient1208d ago

That's more like Valve rubbing salt into an open wound.

Sillicur1208d ago

Lord Gaben should shave his chest in the form of a 3 and pose topless !

Choc_Salties1208d ago

hehe, probably a whole lot more coming today! Keep 'em coming!

Sillicur1208d ago

I always love Blizzard's April fools jokes, they do it every year :)

MasterCornholio1208d ago

The announcement of the Other Joe Show.


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