Nintendo's special edition Apple Watch is a sight to behold [April Fools]

After revealing its plans to bring Mario and Zelda games to smartphones, Nintendo is further cementing its move towards mobile with the announcement of a special edition Apple Watch.

What's more, we've got our hands on the first video of this Nintendo-themed timepiece in action.

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PCGamingNoobs1028d ago

I hate the games industry on april fools.

Timesplitter141027d ago

They got me with kojima becoming a filmmaker but they won't get me this time

Activemessiah1027d ago

Why do people do this? what's the point of lying? fun? i thought that was the whole point of games

Timesplitter141027d ago

If aprils fools jokes have such a huge effect on you I feel sorry for you

LackTrue4K1027d ago

It's just one day out of the hoooooole year, relax and have some fun outside of gaming onscreen....

ShowanW1027d ago

this was cheesy...

not even a clever joke...

yarbie10001027d ago

I don't get why N4G allows this crap. I understand wanting to make money and needing clicks, but its so unprofessional

admiralvic1027d ago

Traditionally you're suppose to add "satire" to the title or something that indicates it's a joke and list it as an opinion piece (if I recall correctly) to put it on N4G. It's their way of compromising. Those looking for information don't need to look at that stuff that isn't relevant and those looking for jokes can read it.

Timesplitter141027d ago (Edited 1027d ago )

"I hate fun! Don't let it enter this holy place! Gaming news are a matter of life and death!"

crusf1027d ago

Gee I wonder what day it is. Lighten up buddy just for today

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