Bloodborne creator Hidetaka Miyazaki: ‘I didn’t have a dream. I wasn’t ambitious'

He is a video games visionary, the creator of intricate gothic fantasies regarded by some as the best titles of the last 20 years. In a rare interview, Hidetaka Miyazaki explains how he rose from unwanted coder to company president

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vishmarx1209d ago

“Now I’m president,” he says, “I get to meet a lot of other company presidents. They’re such weird people. I’m fascinated by them.” With a smile, he adds: “I use some of them as enemy characters in our games.”

EA/Ubisoft president can be found in the yharnam sewers/aqueduct.
cross the bride with the fireball trap(left of the elevator,on the way to father g boss, ). take a left ,turn around,go down the ladder.approach EA/Ubi from behind, hold r2 then press r1.priceless!

ArchangelMike1209d ago

ROFL... that was brilliant. All the more so because it was awesome when I discovered you could approach that Hogg from behind, after being charged at so many times ;)

I love those, "Oh... I'm here again!" moments when you discover a short-cut.

Awesome game.

Deadlead1208d ago

The level design in Bloodborne is absolutely brilliant!

Exari1208d ago

the "oh, im here again" moments are are what made me know for sure its made by miyazaki. something I've seen in demons and dark souls 1 but not 2.

and lmao @vishmarx, those pigs sure are ea and ubi presidents

kassler1209d ago

That was a very interesting read.

greenmiker1209d ago

Nice read indeed. He is a very serious creator....

Perjoss1209d ago

And it shows, Bloodborne oozes quality from every orifice.

Exari1208d ago

i dont mind miyazaki oozing his quality all over my face.

g-nome1209d ago

Love your games , keep at it.

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The story is too old to be commented.