Rebirth Coming to 3ds WiiU and Xbox1 [April Fools]

Blind of Isaac official site:
that’s right, in only a few more months each and everyone of you will be playing rebirth on all 3 systems.. at once maybe? who knows.

“but how did we do it?” you say. “didn’t Nintendo say no due to the games religious themes and content?”

well you are correct.. but after a long hard battle we won over the big N and the binding of Isaac: rebirth is now headed to WiiU as well as the new 3ds!… with some slight edits.

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rdgneoz31055d ago

If people don't think that's an april fools joke, it's sad. Hell, the title has it in it...

Also, the note at the bottom: "Isaac is now 18. racism no longer exists "... "any instance of abortion has been replaced with a funny cat video. the devil is no longer black" ... "maggy is now Hispanic. the womb has been replaced with a meat boy themed world. all instances of suicide now have text popups of local suicide hotlines. the letters R P A and E have been removed from the games code. isaacs mother is no longer overweight unless you choose the fat acceptance mode from the options menu"

GordonKnight1055d ago

This game is perfect for the gamepad, but I got it for free from PS+.

This happened with Swappers as well.

WizzroSupreme1055d ago

Rebirth would be so sweet on Wii U and X1, I just can't tell you.

Khajiit861055d ago

It was sweet on my PS4 I just cant tell you.

Khajiit861054d ago

It was Free on my PS4 too.

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