MotorStorm buggy now available as a free download for DriveClub

Sony has released the previously-leaked MotorStorm buggy DLC for DriveClub today as a special April Fools' Day present (but don't worry, this actually is real).

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windblowsagain1205d ago


I hope they make a new motorstorm soon as well.

Or some tracks for off road.

aCasualGamer1204d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. Honestly i don't think anyone would've said it better.

You sir... You're right on point!

Give us a new Motorstorm please! =)

Cindy-rella1204d ago

Id love to see a new motorstorm title on ps4 previewed at e3 this year

Crazyglues1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Wish they would have gave us a 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder instead... but ok

Skate-AK1204d ago

Pretty sure EA has the Porsche license.

Crazyglues1204d ago

Dam Still, how long is that Porsche License going to last...

I know I have driven some Porsche's in Driveclub, but I guess it was the RUF - Now that I think about it...

Wow really sad how EA locked that up

yewles11204d ago

"Dam Still, how long is that Porsche License going to last... "

Comsidering how publicly they let out that their partnership has grown past a professional level into a mutual trust more real than any "unprecedented" PR they've ever spewed out, it will last a very long time.

fllysurfer1204d ago

me too... I have a Porsche license... no Porsche thou..

kraenk121204d ago


As it is the deal only hurts Porsche as well as EA...I really think they need to come to an agreement and stop the deal asap.

weirdo1204d ago

my favourite vehicle. love the boost!

Shadow Man1204d ago

I wish they would of made a next gen motor storm instead of driver club.

Khajiit861204d ago

Motorstorm.... Driveclub..... Fixed... You are welcome pal.

Minute Man 7211204d ago

Gamestop has Driveclub for $20 last day sale price down from $30

Khajiit861204d ago

OMG Dude! You are the best!

I have been looking for a sale for a month now. Had the game couple months ago, traded it in for Dying Light. I love Dying Light, but I regret making that trade.

Minute Man 7211204d ago

Whenever I see a sale I try and let everyone know. What we need here is a sales blog/forum so we can post sales that we see

bonabice1204d ago

a men wellcome to my world. hahah i did the same thing. buy back driveclub and join my club ( Hellclub ) lol.

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