Nintendo Direct Information Leaked [Satire]

Ben Tedds writes "Shock and surprise today as the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, due for release tonight at 11PM, was leaked to the general public. Nintendo’s Australian YouTube channel accidentally posted the video 24 hours prior to its intended release, and although it was quickly taken down, the information given out was not something to be disregarded as mere trivia."

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Dubaman1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

Ah yes, 'Ali Folorp'. A very credible source lol

Psytrix1082d ago

if those are the announcements, then Nintendo might as well start writing out the Wii U's obituary.

XB1_PS41082d ago

So, both articles I've seen from have been shit.

Dudebro901082d ago

This trend of writing a click bait headline and passing it off as opinion needs to stop.

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