The Complete List - April 2015 Video Game Releases

MWEB GameZone writes: "Even though MKX is the biggest April release, there's also a few platform exclusives, exciting DLCs and of course GTA V for PC to look forward to.

Here is everything u need to know about video game releases in April"

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plut0nash1082d ago

GTAV for PC is going to hook soo many people.

lord zaid1082d ago

GTA V. The video game that keeps on giving

Sillicur1082d ago

Cant wait to finally play this on PC

Choc_Salties1082d ago

Nope, I'm all about GTA5!! Pre-ordered that bad-boy when it was announced on Steam! now im just waiting for it to unlock and open up - that is going to be sooo awesome! Infact, It's so awesome, I bought it twice! One for PS3, now for PC!!

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