Introducing PlayStation Flow [April Fools]

PS Blog:
At PlayStation we’ve always been dedicated to bringing gamers immersive experiences. From innovative features like Remote Play and Share Play to the endless possibilities of the upcoming Project Morpheus, PS4 is continually creating new ways to play.

Here at the PlayStation Wearable Entertainment Technology (P-WET) group we are ready to add to that list of innovations, as we announce the latest breakthrough in fully-immersive gaming – PlayStation Flow.

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JMaine5181151d ago

LMAO! PlayStation starting April Fools off early. This is hilarious.

nX1151d ago

Yeah they had me for a second :D

G20WLY1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Does it work in the yellow water at my local authority pool? Can I even play it at the water sports centre or the middle of an ocean? Was I born yesterday?

So many exciting questions - this is awesome!

subtenko1151d ago

LOL @ the guy in the ball pit XD HAHAHAHA

As soon as the girl was swimmin on the chair, I thought of the Wii ,ROFL!(Or should I say swimming on the floor laughing?)

Ron_Danger1151d ago

Well I just lost $1100 cause I found a Nigerian prince who emailed me and told me he just opened a GameStop and started taking preorders. He even "confirmed" that you didn't need a pool for TLoU, a bath tub would suffice.

aCasualGamer1151d ago

Knowing your audience is key for a gaming company, this is why Sony have the loyalty of so many gamers out there.

FarEastOrient1151d ago

Playstation Flow, with the full body sensor suit and Project Morpheus you can now have the ultimate pornographic experience without the side effects. :P

XisThatKid1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

If this kind of stuff wouldn't have been exclusive for swimming that would be awesome! this coulda went good with Morpheus WHY NOT ACTUALLY DO THIS?!

For a sec I thought PS Flow was menstrual related too.

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jackanderson19851151d ago

i think the more disturbing fact is the people in the comments section(of the blog) asking how to pre-order it ha

IceKoldKilla1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

i think the more disturbing fact is the people in the comments section(of N4G, specifically jackanderson1985) laughing at a guy joking in comments section(of the blog) *smh* (Oh, and I purposely copied his bad grammar for you Nazis out there.)

bigdog1411150d ago

I think the more disturbing fact...eehhh fuck it

badz1491151d ago

my god they take their April Fool seriously! PWET FTW!!


ifistbrowni1151d ago

This is funny, but it's still not as funny as the cheeky, "how to share games on PS4" trailer before the ps4 launched.

johndoe112111151d ago

That was so freaking hilarious. "You don't even have to be in a pool to experience it" I almost died with that one.

freshslicepizza1151d ago

if this was a product nintendo advertised i don't think it would have been a joke. at least not to nintendo.

Kidmyst1151d ago

This is funny, they should run TV spots with it today.

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Relientk771151d ago

Ok well I fell for it -_-

I was pretty damn impressed by the technology lol

IceKoldKilla1151d ago

I was too until they explained and show TLoU and her getting gear just for a 1 minute part of a game LOL.

LOL_WUT1151d ago

omg this is amazing lol nice April fools from Sony ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.