Rainbow 6: Vegas Patch update

Here is a list of issues that will be addressed in the upcoming patch for Vegas. Many of these issues were reported by members of the community.

Single Player

-Fixed bugs with voice recognition
-Fixed a bug that made the game crash when killing Dr. Smythe under a specific circumstance.


-Getting stuck at briefing screen when joining a match in progress
-Fixed a coop crash when failing a mission numerous times
-Fixed an exploit where observers received same kills as host in terrorist hunt
-Fixed a intermittent coop crash in map Factory
-Fixed a disconnection bug when host changes map
-Fixed a bug with live camera that forced a reboot.
-Fixed an issue with max players not being related to recommended players for maps.
-Added better feedback in the game search menus.
-Fixed a bug with the siege specialist achievement.
-Fixed players crashing when using shield and entering a game with shield restricted.
-Fixed a rare crash when starting a coop story game
-Fixed a bug that made the shield become invisible in certain circumstances.
-Fixed a display bug with weapons disappearing while using shield
-Fixed a crash while using the Live Vision Camera
-Fixed a display bug with the canister in retrieval staying visible after being taken.
-Fixed a random crash for clients in COOP games.
-Fixed a display error that showed 14 players instead of 16 for dedicated servers.
-Fixed a bug with score limits not working properly.
-Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented grenades from being used at game start.
-Fixed a crash through the world bug related to starting COOP games while playing Terrorist Hunt.
-Fixed a crash through the world bug in Casino COOP.
-Fixed a bug with invalid recommended players in COOP maps.
-Fixed a lockup in COOP mode related to clients joining a game late.
-Fixed a bug where a dedicated server set for 16 players only accepted 14.
-Added better feedback in the game search menus
-Remove proximity voice chat from team games.
-Adjust TerroHunt XP based on density setting:
- Fixed bug regarding voice chat - Now voice chat works for all players
- Fixed a crash where clients crash when host change map or quit the game before they have time to load lobby
-Fixed a crash when clientnt selects Option/ Map name either in the lobby or In game
-Fixed a bug related to the infiltration specialist achievement
-Fixed a bug where when score limit is 10 a game does not end when canister is deposited
- Fixed a bug in splitscreen:Crash when player 2 Press ready before player 1 in the login profile menu
- Fixed a bug where game occasionally crashes on boot at the Title Screen.

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likeaboss3024394d ago

Nice to see they got a patch in the works. However that's a lot of bugs. Software companies need to do better testing prior to release.

JPomper4394d ago

Agreed. This game was loaded with problems at launch. I wonder if they'll fix the elevator glitch.

Capt CHAOS4394d ago

I reckon the presence of a HD just allows companies to just shove any old buggy [email protected] on us with the assumption that they can fix at a later date.

Now, I'm so glad I didn't get this game if it's going to have that many bugs in it.. And why aren't some of these buys covered in any review?

' -Fixed a bug where a dedicated server set for 16 players only accepted 14. ' Now that's pretty lame.

Grown Folks Talk4394d ago

it doesn't take away from it being a very good game. most of those i haven't experienced. the big 1 for me is losing a co-op match when i change maps after a round.

Capt CHAOS4394d ago

Ironed out all the buys and launched in say end Jan, they may have done better as the limelight would not have been so stolen by GOW either..

hells henchman4394d ago

i noticed theres no fix for the sniper rifles. i don't know how many times i've emptied a clip in someones head and they don't die.

dfb19774394d ago

What they need to do is make safe respawn points. I've stopped playing this online as the 'Rank Up Junkies' just take up a position where you spawn and nail you as soon as you move. Makes the multiplayer pretty pointless. Can't recall GRAW being like this.

frostbite064394d ago

thats why i stick to team survival. NO respawns.

LuminousAphid4393d ago

That's why you spawn at the alternate spawn point. Simple, no?

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The story is too old to be commented.