Async Shaders Will Allow GPUs to Live Up to Their Full Potential, Says AMD

Graphics cards are currently “not living up to their full potential,” says AMD, and the company is adamant that the forthcoming DX12 and Vulkan APIs will change that. Specifically, the red team says that these APIs will be able to take advantage of AMD’s asynchronous compute engines (ACE), which are inherent to AMD’s GCN architecture.

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NuggetsOfGod1082d ago


Xbox descussion can begin as usual now.

Volkama1082d ago

The xbox and PS4 are both on GCN architecture with largely under-utilised ACEs as well. The PS4 in particular has 8 of them, squaring up to the r9-290 range.

Bigpappy1082d ago

From the article: "According to AMD, the PlayStation 4, which uses AMD hardware, are already uses asynchronous shaders in games like InFamous Second Son and The Tomorrow Children to get more performance efficiencies".

They didn't mention X1, so I will assume that ACE is one of the gains X1 will acquire with DX12. But who knows if its already implemented.

Volkama1081d ago

Explain yourself, oh ye that disagree with facts.

The XBox One has 2 ACEs, the PS4 has 8, an R9-290 has 8. This are simple numbers, there is no fanboy slant to them. I'm not implying the XBox doesn't have enough or that a PS4 is as powerful as a high end PC, just simply stating some numbers.

Bigpappy1081d ago

No. No need to make accusations with that fanboy crap. I never accused you of such.

You said that the ACEs were under utilized in the PS4, AMD seems to be saying that the PS4 already utilize them in their API. How in the world is that some kind of fanboy attack?

You look at a few disagree and get all defensive about some stupid console war. If you have info that reputes what is said in the article, just present that. No need to lash out. PS4 has 8, Xbox has 2. Okay if that was that point you were trying to make, but I have no idea why you feel like I am attacking you by posting what I see as a correction.

Volkama1081d ago

@Bigpappy Sorry mate I wasn't responding to you or accusing you of anything. It was an open question for the disagrees, as those are purely coming from angst-ridden fanboys.

I'm not angry or frustrated. I see people disagreeing with simple established truths, I question why. That's all.

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