Dead or Alive PC Day 2: Aggressive Price Crashes

The PC version of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round has been seeing some pretty hardcore price drops within mere hours of its release. AUTOMATON's Shehzaan Abdulla reports.

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bOObies1088d ago

This is BS, I paid 40 for it. Damn Team Ninja. Just let the modders have their fun. It's gonna make more people buy the game to check it out

AUTOMATON1088d ago

To be honest, it is kind of messed up that they're allowing prices to drop like this with so little time having passed since launch. It's not as though it's some unknown title that nobody was going to buy for full price anyway.

bOObies1088d ago

Team Ninja and DOA better start really charming Senran Kagura and its creator because him and SK are doing everything right as of late and becoming the next big thing for people like me ;)

All the while Team Ninja is pissing a lot of people off and making people not want to buy the games..... 16 years and I just feel like Team Ninja doesn't appreciate my support.

1087d ago
Volkama1087d ago

That was a mistake. I pre-ordered it for £10.50 a couple of months ago :|


sephiroth4201087d ago

Id be angry if id got it day one, its not a bad game considering its slightly ugly in places, worth buying i reakon, or at least torrenting

Articuno761087d ago

The price has dropped even further now. I just got it from G2A for £7.99. Yikes!