Slice Zombies For Kinect Passes Final Certification

Independent developer MADE GmbH have announced that their [email protected] zombie slice-em-up, Slice Zombies For Kinect, has passed certification. This means we should expect them to announce a release date in the not too distant future and judging by their latest blog post it’s possibly going to be released on Xbox One in May.

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tinynuggins1208d ago

Has anyone heard how much this is going for? Just bought fruit ninja kinect but if there is one thing my 4 year old likes slicing more than fruit it's zombies. Hopefully it's not more than 10 dollars.

Corellianrogue1208d ago

It's probably going to be around that price since it's an [email protected] game and the devs are just 2 guys. It's unlikely they'll charge the high-end of download-only game prices.

mannyn1208d ago

Hi there, I am one of the two devs of the title :) Just wanted to chime in here, to answer the question. Unfortunately we don't know the store price yet, same as with the release date. But we do know that we don't want to go above 10$, we'd love to even make it cheaper - but it would be awesome if we'd earn enough to continue making games.

ScorpiusX1206d ago

$20-$25 dollars price u got a deal.
Congrats and Good luck.