The Return of Syphon Filter on PS4 & PS Vita [April Fools]

Over the years, there have been many rumours about the return of the Syphon Filter series in one form or another, and you can read them all through here, but now we have something more credible. We've heard from an inside source at Sony Computer Entertainment America, who has teased the return of the Syphon Filter series on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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Relientk771148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Bring Syphon Filter back with the taser!

edit: Taser is love, taser is life.

nucky641148d ago

mmmmmmm......charbroiled enemies - great memories!

JoGam1148d ago

I wanna believe.....I wanna Believe!

chrismichaels041148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

I would love a return of the Syphon Filter series on the PS4. I'll even take a Syphon Filter game on the Vita. Syphon Filter Dark Mirror and Logans Shadow were great games on the PSP. Hopefully its one of the new PlayStation games we hear about at E3.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1148d ago

That teaser was epic! I want a sequel or a reboot like tomb raider did. Back in the day this was the only franchise that could compete with metal gear.

oasdada1148d ago

And yes its a long shot but ill be totally blown away if by some chance i find out Kojima is on for the ride.. ill like totally go bananas!!

LOL_WUT1148d ago

Oh man that be so awesome if they can get Kojima on board to help work on the game! ;)

MonsterChef1147d ago

I Dont see it, plus I wouldn't want that for kojima, he seems to have been wanting to go in a different direction with his games since the ps2 I imagine that's why he made zone of the enders. He wants creative freedom and I'd like for him to get it.. The phantom pain never has caught my eye and I'm a huge mgs fan.. I remember him telling gaming sites that mgs4 was his last one so when I played mg4 I played it like it was it touched on everything I wanted for it to touch on and closed the door on mgs for me

Meltic1148d ago

Yeah lol i remember that taser. Burned them and then they died. Bring back old memories

wsoutlaw871148d ago

when i was a kid i thought that was the most amazing thing ever. Then seeing it again on the ps3, it was a couple of orange squares moving around. That game was the best.

7odaaction1147d ago

Maybe it's April fool !!!!!!!

Kingscorpion19811142d ago

From Sony Bend "I think the thing I'm most excited about is the fact we're doing a PS4 game, and it's next-gen, and to me that means we face the challenges of reaching a quality bar that's going to make for an awesome experience for the player," he said.

"Being able to do that, as a small studio in central Oregon, but as a fully-owned studio with PlayStation's full support, means we can reach a quality bar that's really really high. We're looking for badass coders to help us push the PS4 somewhere it's never been before."

Creative director John Garvin added: "We know that when people see this they're going to be blown away. We can boast that this came from our studio. There's a certain amount of innovation that's coming from the technology side, that just keeps us really buzzing."

Sony Bend adds that it spent more than a year in preproduction on the mystery PS4 game, and is now entering full development on the title. The game will use Epic's Unreal Engine 4, but no further details about the project were divulged.

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Rimeskeem1148d ago

It would be big if they brought the series back

PR_FROM_OHIO1148d ago

Don't play with my emotions please!!

psplova1148d ago

Hell yeah! I loved the 2 psp Syphon Filter games..

luis_spartano1148d ago

I don't know if I want to believe this, because I'm tired of being dissapoint about the return of my beloved franchise. Mainly at this evil day called "April Fools".

Back in 2010, I've sent an email to John Garvin from Bend Studios, asking him about a Syphon Filter on PS3. He nicely answered saying that he was happy to a passionate fan like me, but Syphon Filter Dark Mirror and Logan's Shadow didn't sold well, and it killed any chance of Sony greenlit a sequel.

Some months ago, a former Bend developer said the game Bend Studio is working on ISN'T Syphon Filter, and that we better not hold our breath about a new game in the series, because John Garvin didn't care about the series anymore.

Well, I LOVE Syphon Filter so much that I even managed to DREAM about it while I'm sleeping(LoL). So of course I'll me extremely happy to see it, but I think we won't.

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