Kojima Productions logo removed from Silent Hills website

Konami Digital Entertainment, amidst reports of disbandment at Kojima Production, have removed the Kojima Production marketing from the Silent Hills website.

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Marcello1057d ago

Blimey !! WTH is going on ?? did Kojima punch a producer or something ???

Dario_DC1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

Top Gear reference :D BTW RIP Top Gear...

Edit: I hope the game's still coming with the people that did the PT demo

mabreu1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

If Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus is involved, I highly doubt they would scrap Silent Hills because of Kojima.

Why would they let them go because Kojima is not working on the project.

The real "fear" is that Silent Hills gets released and turns out to be a crappy game. That PT demo was Kojima's vision. Let's hope the final game exceeds our expectation.

aCasualGamer1056d ago

This better be part of an Aprils fool joke, otherwise i'm about to burst into flames.


ShinMaster1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

But if Kojima isn't working on Silent Hills anymore, then who is?

The last few SH games haven't been great and Kojima brought in a ray of hope.

XBLSkull1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

Great news actually. Now we know Silent Hills will actually contain gameplay and not just cutscenes. Lol Kojima, he should take a job at Pixar or DreamWorks!!

Would also be entertaining to watch the rage if he were to take a job with Microsoft, that would really test peoples loyalty towards Kojima.

At the end of the day he's got to do what is best for him, he'll find success anywhere he goes.

ShinMaster1051d ago


Fanboy comments as usual. You still salty about Kojima preferring PS over Xbox? lol

You're just parroting comments you heard some people say about MGS4. But anyone who's played MGS1,2,3,PW and GZ will tell you that those games are NOT nothing but cuteness as you implied.

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badz1491057d ago

seriously, WTF happened between them? if this is not an April fool joke, it's terrible news and something big must have happened there. after several decades together, the fallout THIS magnitude in such a short time is unthinkable!

deadpoolio3161056d ago

Konami is probably taking it personally that Kojima actually wants to work on things other than Metal Gear....Im sure even with Silent Hills he was more than likely going to have nothing to do with it other than Konami attached his name...

He had ZERO to do with Lords of Shadow, yet Konami still felt the need to pretend he was the director on it, even though everyone at Mercury Steam admitted Kojima didn't do much of anything..

BitbyDeath1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

This whole thing feels like one big publicity stunt, Kojima has vanished from twitter and nobody is clarifying anything.

I expect he'll jump out of an MGS logo'd box at some point.
//Or maybe that is just me hoping.

BC_Master_Haze1056d ago

I pray by all that is good in gaming that you are right.

just_looken1057d ago

Its like some of us have said silent hill is dead now no big reboot no pt demo full game.

Mgs well after phantom pain the series is done only spinoffs left which i don't care about.

Konami can go ahead and become thq/sega all they had left was these 2 series now that they have killed them they too will be sold off or have financial issues like crytek lol.

Tiqila1056d ago

why do you think that konami is done with MGS?

I can't remember a MGS game without Kojima, but the franchise is huge and if konami decides to release MGS 6 with advanced shooting mechanics that caters to all those CoD fans to sell more units, they will do it.

Of course, I hope this is not the future of this great franchise.

krypt19831056d ago

no they are done with the metal gear solid games after TPP , there will be plenty more in the metal gear universe though.

Meltic1056d ago

April April... kojima is good to fool people and allso he's people. If this is true then im stunned

jesuisankit1056d ago

I just hope all this is big April Fools prank from Kojima!!

SilentNegotiator1056d ago

Why is it shocking that a company that had a brand name based on the name of a now former employee is now changing that brand name?

Criti-Choco1056d ago

former employee? no one actually confirmed he quit anything, they are merely masking away his kojima branding. All this information has happened in a short time span which leads me to believe kojima has an ulterior motive for riling up the media.

AKA , He's playing you like a damn fiddle.

SilentNegotiator1056d ago

"no one actually confirmed he quit anything"

I guess I wasn't aware of that.

assdan1056d ago

Kojima has wanted to stop making MGS for two games now. He wants this to be the last one in the series. I'm guessing Konami doesn't want him to stop, so they're parting ways. Unfortunately that might me that Kojima isn't involved with silent hills.

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Snookies121057d ago

More like poor Konami. They're nothing without him.

Blurmobjet1057d ago

Lol. Konami thinks they made Kojima, but...

Well, let me just say they're gonna need another rockstar quick, fast and in a hurry.

caseh1056d ago

I'm not sure how far back your gaming history goes back but believe me, Konami were SH!T HOT back in the day with MANY games where Kojima was not involved.

What they have left in the tank outside of the MGS series though is debateable.

krypt19831056d ago

it's a shame to because konami owns alot of good ip's, hopefully they will go out of business now and ip's will be sold..

Big_Game_Hunters1057d ago

My hype for this is almost completely gone now. Knowing the game will never be what it couldve been with Kojima.

Tedakin1057d ago

This is so weird.... After all Kojima has done they do this

oasdada1057d ago

as much as i love this franchise and p.t was like a dream come true.. i just cant help but feel disappointed

Rhythmattic1057d ago

Yeh, next thing we hear on the netz is Konami won't be using Guillermo del Toro but Uwe Boll

oasdada1057d ago

Watch out Lisa! here comes a sucker punch!!

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