Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse - Steamroller Studios Interview

Adam, Keith and Jalil from Steamroller Studios talk about Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse

They cover, a background of the studio itself, and it’s origins.

The inspiration for Deadwood, as they describe how they arrived at the “Zelda meets Don’t Starve” idea.

The art style and direction, including how they’re making an “Art Driven World” work.

How the transition was from working on major projects in big studios (for example Avatar, Fantastic 4, Happy Feet and many more major blockbusters) to working on their own title with the own creative freedoms.

They share some great stories from PAX East, including one boy who just couldn’t get enough of Deadwood and the story of how one lucky fan won an incredible wooden carved Deadwood character!

Plus they discuss Steam, the Greenlight and Early Access platforms, Indie Box and cover a few fan questions.

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