MLB 15 The Show's Start Up Install Causing Confusion

MLB 15 The Show was released today, and if you’ve booted the game up and you are confused about why you cannot access the main menu, let us explain. MLB 15 The Show features a mandatory Royals vs. Giants tutorial game that also has a breakdown of all the new features that this year’s entry to the series has to offer. That’s all well and good, but there’s a catch: You’re actually just waiting for the game to install.

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SactoGamer1088d ago

Dammit. Why on earth would I want to play a Giants v. Royals game?

chrismichaels041088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

Its actually pretty smart. They let you play a regular MLB The Show exhibition game that acts as a tutorial while the game loads up. Better than sitting around and watching a loading screen for 15 min.

borneblood1231088d ago


Install time = go have dinner, make a drink etc

Forcing the player to be stuck at the console while it installs is stupid.

chrismichaels041088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

@borneblood - you're not forced to do anything. If you don't need a tutorial lesson, just let the install meter in the upper left hand corner screen fill up for 10 min and then go straight into the game. The tutorial is optional for first time players of MLB The Show or someone that wants to refresh their memories of the control layout.

Dizzydrifter11088d ago

If you had an Xbox one you could say Xbox snap Hulu plus. Xbox snap Internet explorer Xbox watch tv so it's not so bad for us on Xbox

chrismichaels041088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

But if you have an Xbox one, you wont be able to play MLB15 The Show! No thanks, I'm perfectly fine playing a quick exhibition game while the game installs.


Same way 2k did it with 2k14 and 2k11.... I think that's kinda cool

Travis37081088d ago

Yup it's pretty much just like NBA2K. You gotta play with the top 2 teams, until the game finishes installing.

Yo Mama1088d ago

Some players are stating that the progress bar isn't moving. I had the same problem. If you play a full game and that progress bar hasn't budged, quit the game, delete the update file. Then eject and re-insert the game and it should finally start installing correctly.

Ozmoses1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

This isn't that weird... In last years version you couldn't access anything...

The game would load and you would be on the menu..

and you would try to select something and it would just say "that part hasn't been installed yet"

I'm pretty sure it was the MLB: The Show last year on PS4...

It took forever to finally install.

but it makes sense that the install process would be faster if you don't play the tutorial while it's installing

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