Bloodborne Item Duplication Divides Players On Gaming Morality

Glitches in Bloodorne have some players furious while others are thrilled.

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-Foxtrot1176d ago

I only really exploit things like this on my second play through when I've done everything myself in the first run through.

Least then you can have some fun and not having it spoilt for you.

Snookies121176d ago

Yeah, I figured out the werewolf trick in the first area by myself. So I used it to gain some echoes fairly easily. I wouldn't go so far as duplicating things though.

HammadTheBeast1176d ago

The werewolf thing was a glitch? Do you mean when you aggro the wolves then go down into the house?

Cause I thought that was fair game since they were bigger and couldn't get through the door, but could still hit me through the wall at times.

Snookies121176d ago

Yeah I just thought of it as a little trick. Plus it doesn't help you much past level 20-25.

mikeslemonade1175d ago

I tried that werewolf trick. It wasn't very effective since they can still hit you through the wall.

If I had the opportunity I would do the glitch so I can duplicate that stone that gets you to more than one weapon that can be level 10. But I'm still just about 20 hours in and not close to finishing.

thorstein1176d ago

When I first opened the gate next to the Yharnum lantern it felt like a true accomplishment. I don't know how using a glitch can make me feel like I've done something.

It is similar with FPS cheaters. Do they really think they are good because they cheat? All that does is make their wins empty.

HammadTheBeast1176d ago

Yeah I quit MW2 on my account after it was hacked to 10th prestige after joining a random modded lobby and everything was locked. The game just wasn't fun anymore.

OmegaShen1176d ago

Hows it similar? You are comparing modders/hackers to a glitch in the game.

Plus there is players that use a killswitch for Bloodborne, so no it isn't similar and don't seem to be able to tell the different.

thorstein1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )


I learned about the glitch but never used it. That is how it is similar. I chose not to exploit a fault in the coding to make the game easier for me.

Because that would be cheating.

joab7771176d ago

I didn't think they would remove it for a few reasons. They havnt before. And also, this is a huge PS4 exclusive and the 1st From game for many...very daunting. So, it's almost like a choice. Most ppl like me that have played every From game multiple times wouldn't use it until we have beaten it. Or we would use it to explore the boundaries etc. Bit others, could use it as needed instead of rage quitting forever.

Another reason is b/c so many have already done it, and it affects PvP. Which is also a reason to get it under control too.

I have no issues one way or the other b/c I won't be using it for awhile anyway.

I guess one suggestion I would make to From is this. Use dlc to add items to the chalice, like cosmetic items, or the item needed to get weapons to +10. Don't make it easy. Hell, make it very hard, but add it somewhere. At least 3 total, or 2 and we can get 2 more in ng+.

But the Chalice is the perfe t opportunity to add awesome new weapons or items that we could use to keep going. Though, we havnt unlocked all the secrets yet so who knows.

NecotheSergal1176d ago

But we all know people are just gonna, at majority, selfishly exploit the hell out of it so they can just get to level 999 and fight other level 999's and think themselves Gods.

It's just a means of Ego-stroking rather than for fun of all things.

It's just like playing Open on Diablo 2. It's 'ALL' Cheaters, ALL people trying to exploit and cheat the most to be the strongest of all cheaters. However, we got no separation of servers from the cheaters to the non-cheaters here.

OB1Biker1176d ago

Well I'm guessing cheaters will have a hard time against non cheaters

NecotheSergal1175d ago

That is the likely scenario, Non-cheaters will have the experience of failing and rising up to the challenge. Cheaters will be used to a cushioned experience. Their mommy-hand-holding ways will show them that those who toughen up and survive are the ones who in the end prevail.

Blasphemy1175d ago

cheating in video games just ruins the exp.

CaptainObvious8781175d ago

The glitch annoys me a little because now the platinum trophy is going to mean a lot less.

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NovusTerminus1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Really, I see no harm in it. I didn't use it until I beat the game, but dupe glitches are largely harmless.

Power level to max? You have no one but other max level players to fight.

Power level to 70? you are just equal to everyone else.

How about they fix the Daughter of Cosmos elevator, or the Wet Nurse's AI to stop her from just doing one attack, or Micolash's AI so he doesn't just stand in the corner and drool on himself.

Or how about they fix the final boss so he doesn't fling himself out of the stage and kill himself!

Letthewookiewin1176d ago

I'm just playing and enjoying at my own pace. Don't need to rush through this game, I only have 1 first time with it. Don't need to cheat, when you have skill and patience.

Snookies121176d ago

Exactly right man! If I beat a game like this, knowing I did something cheap like duplicating things... It'd be a hollow victory. This is the type of game you HAVE to beat on your skill alone. It'll make the reward of finishing it off that much better.

Omnisonne1176d ago

Exactly, much like previous Souls games, it can be an amazing journey (albeit a difficult one) I personally cherish every hard time it gives me, no matter how frustrating. Because it makes the game that much more worth finishing. For the ones cheaping out though, it'll be a much less memorable experience

Eyesoftheraven1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I duped the heck out of my build because I don't have 60+ hours to play straight. I just care to experience the visual and technical art anyway; I never get a sense of accomplishment from beating a game either way, only a sense of lost real life time that could be spent studying science or practicing my professional craft.

I never cheat in PvP settings though, only offline single player.

traumadisaster1176d ago

brutha that was well said. I have a family not class but same difference. There is way to much life to experience than 60+ hours of hackety slashety.

Eidolon1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Well excuuuuse me.

kurruptor1176d ago

This is how I feel as well. I'm not harming anyone doing this, so I don't see how it is immoral. I don't get any advantage over another player (I don't pvp anyway) since they only match you against similar players.

Toon_Link1175d ago

You seem to take your hobby too seriously.

nix1176d ago

Me too. My work takes too much of my energies..

I still am shit as scared every time I'm exploring new places.. So feeling is still there except i die less.

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