Could Splatoon Be The Next Big Nintendo Franchise?

Nintendo surprised everyone with the reveal of Splatoon last year. With it's arrival coming, and more features and details being revealed, does Splatoon have what it takes to be the next big Nintendo franchise?

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gangsta_red1178d ago

I hope so. It looks fun, innovative and very different from what we are getting from other developers and publishers.

spektical1178d ago

Different? No. Honestly looks like the tech demos that show bullet spread and hit markers.

wonderfulmonkeyman1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Which makes no sense considering hitting each other isn't the main point.

Also, name me at least three other shooter games, besides Portal 1 and 2, that revolve around using the trail left by your own ammo as a main method of traversing the levels, and ambushing opponents, let alone any that use diving into your own shot trail to replenish your ammo itself.

So yeah, you're wrong.
This game looks VERY different from other shooters.XD

thorstein1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )


"Tech demo" is the new trolespeak used by people that hate gaming. You often see it in reviews written by hateboys. I've rarely seen it in the wild though.

This game, though, looks amazingly fun. And that is the point of gaming, isn't it? To enjoy your experiences.

Summons751178d ago

Hope so. It looks really fun and for a shooter looks really fresh! Hopefully there will be a demo for it but I really want this.

BlackMagicWolf1177d ago

YES!!! I want a demo too! Even if it's only a single level or two of singleplayer. Just to give us a taste!

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dafegamer1178d ago

yup. It really channels the great moments of fun multiplayer games like Smash Bros and Mario Kart

wonderfulmonkeyman1178d ago

The question is, do people want it to be?
People whine about Nintendo being all about Mario way too much, but what do they ever do to change that perception amongst other gamers like themselves?

If people want Nintendo to be known for more than Mario and Zelda, then they need to start buying games like Splatoon and Xenoblade X, then convincing others to do the same.
They need to support these games by getting the system for them, treating them as system sellers like they have done with Mario on systems before this, and spreading the opinion that there are games out there other than Mario that Nintendo deserves to be known for.

Nintendo needs to do their part by ramping up advertisement for these games as well, but the most effective means of changing public opinion, is by getting the people interested in these games to spread their names as must-have titles above, or at least alongside, that of Mario.

Nintendo systems will become more than Mario systems the moment we start getting others to open their eyes, broaden their minds, and look beyond Mario when considering games for Nintendo systems.^_^

DryBoneKoopa851178d ago

Well said! I try all the time with family and friends. Playing games like Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad, and Kirby and the rainbow curse.

BlackMagicWolf1177d ago

Yeah, it will be up to us fans, but I think Nintendo is really shooting fro something different with Splatoon, kind of like how they went for something different with Pikmin, and we responded well to it.

Splatoon has the potential, it'll be up to us to state whether it should get more than one title.

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The story is too old to be commented.