Is Capitalism Killing Video Games?

Maybe bad games are made because our economic system supports them.

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yarbie10001176d ago

I seem to remember capitalism being here when gaming was started. So back then it helped, but now its killing it?

Not buying it

traumadisaster1176d ago

Because of my 1000 year backlog I've placed a moritorium on buying games this entire year.

I bought like an addict for over 20 years and feel like I'm responsible for the growth in the industry.

Someone else will have to take over, I'm done.

Bigpappy1176d ago

It is ruining Assassins Creed, Madden COD... but not all games.

donwel1176d ago

Exactly. Maybe the writer should ask rockstar or nintendo how they feel about it.
He'd probably get laughed out of the room.

Metallox1176d ago

What the author is talking about is called overconsumption. Captalism on the other hand is what allowed us to get video games, even during "the gold era of gaming" or whatever.

DougLord1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I hear lots of great games are coming out of Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and North Korea.

ShaunCameron1175d ago


Don't forget Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

ScorpiusX1176d ago

No , besides would you rather have the state make your games and tell you how to play them. I think not .

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The story is too old to be commented.