3 Games That Illustrate the Beauty of the Apocalypse

Apocalyptic games are growing in popularity, portraying the true brutality of human kind. However, here are 3 games that beautify this world!

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wakeNbake1085d ago

When the shit hits the fan, humanity shows its true colors.

ironfist921085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

No love for I Am Alive? or Enslaved? Fallout 3? Rage was a gorgeous looking game too.

UKmilitia1085d ago

anyone list them i refuse to click 3 pages.
N4G really needs to sort out this issue on websites.

tanukisuit1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

The Long Dark
The Last of Us

That black and white picture of Ellie is eerie but nice.