'They finally have the right people:' One year in, Xbox's Phil Spencer wins back the gamers

When Xbox head Phil Spencer sat down with Motiga CEO Chris Chung for the first time, he was fighting an uphill battle to convince the tiny Bellevue video game company to launch its first game on Windows.

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AngelicIceDiamond1146d ago

Last year around this time alone MS was struggling hard to get anything going.

Its a process get the bad ones out of the Xbox division, and the good ones in.

Just last year MS would be lucky to land any sort of indie game on the console.

A year later indie games get announced weekly if not on the daily basis's now.

Now that's a 180.

christocolus1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

"A year later indie games get announced weekly if not on the daily basis's now."

Exactly. Remember Joe Blow and Phil Fish? All that is past now.It's all gone.i was amazed by the number of indies announced at GDC and many more have been announced since then and just recently in an interview with the innercircle Chris Charla said many more will be announced at E3.

I'm just glad Phil and his team are actively pursuing talent and communicating with the xbox's great to have someone like Phil there. The os updates are great and the teams should be commended too. There's still a lot to do but so far Phil has done an amazing job.

I also think Mr Nadella should be commended. He did the right thing by making Phil the head of Xbox and i'm going to be Looking forward to E3 this year.lots of stuff to see. Windows 10, DX12&Cloud demos,Rare,Quantum Break, Forza 6, Crackdown3, Gears4, Halo5, Scalebound, Gigantum, Rise of the Tomb raider, hololens, new ip's from 1st ,2nd party and even the new studios i.e Decisive games etc and all the other announcements they will make. its a great time to be a gamer.

Bigpappy1146d ago

I must say that the indie games seem to be improving in quality. I still wouldn't buy most of them, to be honest, but I do see many more good titles recently.

KarmaV121146d ago


They would be losing if they had the install base of OUYA. Instead they are outnumbering their last launch. Why do you have that as your name when you don't use logic at all. Good bye.

DragonKnight1145d ago

@NatureOfLogic_ Just because the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One doesn't mean that MS, or rather Spencer, isn't winning back gamers. There's more to that then just the number of sales. All things take time. It seems doubtful that the Xbox One will equal or pass the PS4, but if the PS3 doing so to the 360 has proven anything, it's that anything can happen. Regardless, the Xbox One has gone from being mocked by everyone when it was announced and launched, to more and more people being able to say that things have turned around for the Xbox One.

That's winning back gamers. When you have people who have nothing even close to mock about the Xbox One now as they did then, that's winning back gamers through hard work and the humility to say "we messed up, we'll try to make things right."

I'm no MS fan, but I am a person that recognizes hard work and Phil has been working hard.

nix1145d ago Show
tinynuggins1145d ago

I had my launch 360 red ring on me once. MS replaced it free like they did for everyone else who had the issue. You're telling me that they counted free replacements and repairs as a new sale? Ok buddy..

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Dee_911145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

... and sales are relevant how ?

I can say and think xbox one is great all day, and it is but my distrust for MSFT can't be won back by games.. They would have to make a few 180's, a couple loop-d-loops and a 1080 alley oop dunk to win back my trust... srry i've been playing basketball all day.. But my point is, my issue wasn't with the console per-se, but the company's practice.Humility is a great step forward to erase that mess up, but considering how crappy those policies were and the impact it would have had on gaming, it will take a lot more than humility to change my perspective.. Actually it would literally take time.Because time is the only way to judge their true motives.At this point I don't care if everyone forgives them, but this is solely a personal principle thing right now.

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Septic1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )


"guys.. we all know out of that 80+ million owners of 360 at least 60% bought it twice.. so that's like 45+ million actual users. "

What a load of bull lol. The fact that MS spent $1 billion to extend the warranty on consoles for FREE replacements seems to ahve alluded you.

"We all know" No we don't. You're just plucking B.S out of this air. Please do us a favour and stay in PlayStation threads. Pretty please?

Seriously, why are all the Sony contingent in here if they aren't going to add ANYTHING constructive here. If you have proper criticisms then by all means, let us hear them.

Xbox fans are happy with what Phil Spencer and Co have achieved and this looks like yet another good gaming year for Xbox fans. Does that hurt you guys so much?

mcstorm1145d ago

@nix you do know that the RROD was fixed with the Jasper model of the 360 which was about 1.5 to two years into the gen and the 360 was only around 15 to 20 million then so your stats are way out. I had both the RROD and YOLD to my 360 and PS3. MS replaced my 360 and I had to buy a slim PS3 as they did not offer the extended cover like MS did.

UnHoly_One1145d ago

All the PS4 fanboys seem to care about is this ~~~>

If the PS4 sells 1 more total unit than the XB1 in the next 8 years they will be happy.

I don't get the obsession with sales and "winning".

If the PS4 sells 100 million consoles and the XB1 sells 30, does that make your PS4 games more fun?

Spotie1145d ago

@Unholy: And what do the Xbox fanboys care about? They sure were crowing about sales until about this time last year. You think Nintendo fanboys don't also care about sales?


I dunno if they've quite won back gamers. Some, to be sure, but I wonder how many are still skeptical. I know I don't count much- I have a 360, finally- but am no fan of them yet.

Leaguer1145d ago


when the unit gap is continuously increasing to almost 2:1 and is being outsold regularly, that is hardly what you claim as winning back gamers, right? oh i do hope you don't consider those fansy schmansy dialogues from ms about being sorry and all that as winning back...and yes, xbone is still mocked, you dont pull that kind of sh*t back on e3 and expect people to just forget about it, regardless what policy they have now adopted.

Oner1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

mcstorm said ~ "@nix you do know that the RROD was fixed with the Jasper model of the 360 which was about 1.5 to two years into the gen and the 360 was only around 15 to 20 million then so your stats are way out..."

Sorry to tell you mcstorm, but all the Jasper did was re-name RROD (a general hardware failure) to E74, 79, 71 etc.

Don't believe me? Here read about it ~

The problem didn't just magically go away after that. The FACT is/was RROD by a different name was still the same. It's the same old $#@! that had been said F-O-R-E-V-E-R ad nauseum around here that, or was it, maybe, yeah definitely, absolutely it was, were all supposed to fix the problem. But they never truly did. The real truth is that the first 5-6 years (at least) of owning a 360 was a pain for EVERYONE (although some worse than others).

Lastly mcstorm, I noticed something about your dubious claim of how "the RROD was fixed with the Jasper model...which was about 1.5 to two years into the gen". Sorry (once again) but that is blatant misinformation. How can that be? The Japser (which you said "fixed the issue") didn't even come out until nearly the END of 2008 (September), a full 3 years later, after the launch of the 360 in 2005! So how does your "1.5 to two years into the gen" add up to the 3 year difference? It's a rhetorical question ~ It doesn't.

The only person here whose "stats are way out" that I see, are yours.


UnHoly_One1145d ago

@Spotie you're probably right, they are probably just as bad.

I have only been coming here for a couple years, and never saw all the supposed things that used to happen in the 360's time, so I can't really say.

I've been called an Xbox Fanboy more times than I can count, even though I've always owned every PS console as well, and I never gave two craps about sales figures.

Hell, until I started coming here I never knew about them. I never knew the 360 was leading worldwide sales until I saw 2 dozen stories about the PS3 overtaking it.

Short of a company completely failing and going out of business, I fail to see the significance of it.

In fact, the people should probably be more anxious to be on the "losing" side of things. If Sony is kicking Microsoft's butt up and down the court, which of them is more likely to go out of their way to change things to make themselves more appealing? And who benefits from that?

arkard1145d ago

I think it's funny how sales mattered so much when Xbox was outselling Playstation (in the USA) last gen. But now sales don't matter

DragonKnight1145d ago

Guys, Leaguer doesn't know me. Anyone care to tell him how much I love Microsoft and Xbox?

Pogmathoin1145d ago

Wow, the fools really came out today.... MS is doing great and supporting X1 really well.... No problems here....

Dragonknight, you should give Acanac a call.... Drop Bell or Rogers.....

Gamble201145d ago

The Xbox team is doing a much better job than they were at this time last year. And even perhaps the year before that. Xbox is well positioned to remain a healthy competitor to Sony for a long time and that is a good thing.

I do want to point out that it's almost impossible for them to catch up in sales to the PS4 like Sony did with the PS3. Unlike the XB1, Sony was outselling Microsoft, outside North America, from almost the beginning with only a few gaps in between. Not to mention Japan padded the stats for Sony a little bit helping them to catch back up. This time around, Microsoft is winning zero territories and even in their strongest one (North America) they consider a good month having a slight or even lead with the PS4. It's just not going to happen guys. PS4 will win in total unit sales.

And that's okay. Because it's still an awesome system (just like PS4).

DragonKnight1145d ago

@Pogmathoin: I've heard some good things about Acanac. Might have to give them a shot considering Rogers gives me a measly 1Mbps Upload speed for streaming. Can't do anything with that.

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lelo2play1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

X1 needs more exclusives. In the first 6 months of 2015, X1 has very few (couple of indie titles) exclusives. X1 need more exclusives that sell consoles... AAA exclusives.

StrayaKNT1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

It had ori, F&F7 and neverwinter and in the next six months it has

halo 5
Quantum break
tomb raiber
forza 6

Thats without naming all the indie games..

What does the competition have in the next six month?

OT: Phil Spencer has done wonders for xbox making it the most appealing console to own with the best games to play.

1145d ago
BitbyDeath1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Sony published games are these-

Drawn to Death
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
Fat Princess Adventures
Guns Up!
Kill Strain
Monster Bag
Ratchet & Clank
Shadow of the Beast
Tearaway Unfolded
The Tomorrow Children
Until Dawn

This is excluding exclusive 3rd parties and indies.

List from here -

bouzebbal1145d ago Show
Lev19031145d ago


I just googled these games because i never heard some of it. But you honestly think that this library is better then the xbox's? I honestly think that the xbox library has more quality then the list you just showed.

BitbyDeath1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

@Lev, yes I do.
Halo is being made by 343 who have a bad track record thus far
Fable is FTP
Quantum Break is likely delayed.
Tomb Raider is timed.
Forza is just forza, they appear every year.

Poor lineup imo. Until Dawn alone is looking to be better and more innovative than all above mentioned combined imo. But hey opinions.

DanzoSAMA1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )


lol, do u really think this indie list is better than the xbox list.


Drawn to Death
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
Fat Princess Adventures
Guns Up!
Kill Strain
Monster Bag
Ratchet & Clank
Shadow of the Beast
Tearaway Unfolded
The Tomorrow Children
Until Dawn

Until Dawn it's just another flop from SONY.


Xbox ONE:

HALO 5 Guardians > ALL games in ur list :)
Quantum break
Tomb Raider
Forza Motorsport 6
Killer Instinct Season 3
Halo 3: ODST remastered
Fable Legends


guyman1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )


You're forgetting one of the most anticipated games of 2015, Persona 5. I can't believe people over look this game. I dont see a game on your list that can beat bloodborne either. Also, Tomb raider and Ori are NOT exclusive to the xbox one, but keep telling yourself that. Wild is also missing from that list.

"Üntil dawn is just another Flop"

O real classy, what a guy you are. So you have played and finished it yourself? damn that is amazing, because no one else has, not even the developer.

rawrock1145d ago

@bitbydeath that list of games for PS4 is filled with horrible games lol...

Seafort1145d ago


Ori and Neverwinter aren't exclusives as they are on the PC too.

PC platform is also getting Fable Legends.

We'll see if they launch halo 5, quantum break, tomb raider or forza in the next 6 months. I bet one of those games will be delayed till 2016.

Neonridr1145d ago

I do love how that PS4 Bitby gave was excluding Indies and 3rd party games. I didn't know Fat Princess Adventures or Monster Bag are now considered AAA titles.

DLConspiracy1145d ago

Well games take longer than a few months to make. Most games have been in the making for many years.

BitbyDeath1145d ago

@Neon, no different to people including Fable.
If you don't like the games then that is your provocative, they are all still Sony published titles.

ftrain1145d ago

PS4 library shits all over Xb1 honestly. Bloodborne just came out which is amazing and the library for games coming out is also better on PS4 than XB1. A ton of their so called exclusives are also either timed or on PC. Talking about you tomb raider/ori/ftp fable. The amount and quality doesn't lie either.

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AngelicIceDiamond1146d ago ShowReplies(13)
slapedurmomsace1145d ago

Agree completely, and I'm glad. If any one company (Sony, MS, Nintendo) was left, our hobby very well could die. The sole survivor would be lazy, and unmotivated. When the Xbox one was announced, I swore it off, and when they 180'd their policy's I still wasn't biting...however, though all of these company's first priority is the bottom line, it's obvious Phil enjoy's his work, and is a fellow gamer. My son is turning 12 in May, and has asked for an Xbox One, and if that's what he sticks too come time, I won't hesitate to get him one. Now if we could only get Nintendo to build a system up to snuff power wise that would attract more 3rd party support and more gamers, we'd be set.

hades071145d ago

What is with all the fighting and disagrees. People try to be positive about Microsoft and the progress they are making and fanboys get all butt hurt about it. Is Angelic or Chris talking positively about what they like about Phil Spencer and Microsoft affecting you? No. So why come in and comment and be 100% negative about it.

Gamer19821145d ago

They have the right people in now how so?? Last generation they had 50% of the marketshare outside of the wii. This generation putting the wiiu aside once again they have only 35% of the market share and dropping (11 of 30 million consoles).

Last gen they tried to bring PC and Xbox together with shadowrun and Window Live for gamers (which they charged for and failed with). This gen instead there porting some of there biggest hits like Fable and Halo to PC instead of leaving exclusive to Xbox.

On one hand it could look like they are trying to bring the ecosystems together in another way it looks like they are starting to waver in there faith towards xbox.

I mean look at Japan at least they had a standing in there last gen even if it was small this gen they can barely sell 300 consoles a week..

So they can win back whoever they think they need to but its not amounting to sales and thats going to cost people like Phil Spencer his job in the end and make the already nervous shareholders who have been rumoured to want to offload the Xbox division (some, clearly not all) even more nervous.

3-4-51145d ago

* Basically this:

* PS4,Xbox One & Wii U are all good systems that are doing fine.

* The Media lies to us daily about each of these three and makes things SEEM WORSE than they really are in reality.

* Yea MS was "struggling" but that was more Media & fan backlash than actually financially struggling or ideally struggling.

Phil Spencer Definitely is a 100X improvement over Ratrick though.

* But yea Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft know what they are doing. They are all fine.

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masterfox1146d ago ShowReplies(2)
1146d ago
bOObies1145d ago

Ever since Phil came along the Xbox brand has gotten a lot better. Could be coincidence but the guy just comes across as a cool dude and someone who actually games. So I am happy for Xbox and all the people who have a Xbox. Game on brothers :)

ThanatosDMC1145d ago

Spencer has always been in the Xbox division. It's not like he wasnt there during the reveal. He's just another mouth piece. He's one of the same people singing to high heavens about tv tv tv. MS used Mattrick as the perfect scapegoat to flog when their initial vision failed and got booed by gamers.

Septic1145d ago

Really? You think the Head of Xbox is just a glorified PR role?

" MS used Mattrick as the perfect scapegoat to flog when their initial vision failed and got booed by gamers."

So if Mattrick was a scapegoat, who was the person making decisions?

If you can't back up what you say then don't expect any reasonable person to take what you say seriously.

ThanatosDMC1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )


Isnt PR pretty much all he's doing in the eyes of the public? Tell me.

What else is he doing that you know so much about that you got defensive all over?

Septic1145d ago

Being the Head of Xbox isn't a a PR role. He is the HEAD of Xbox. He makes key decisions about what projects get greenlit and what don't.

You might be surprised to know this but his input his MASSIVE. Phantom Dust, if you read on about its dedevelopment, is happening mostly because he decided it needed to happen. His focus on gaming has got the thumbs up for Nadella and he is squarely in the driving seat behind it.

Its ridiculous to think that being the head of xbox has no impact other than PR.

Joda1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

lol, ok. Thanks for coming into the xbox forum to clarify the facts. Nice haircut by the way, helps with your credibility.

ArmrdChaos1145d ago

Where did Mattrick end up after MS tossed him out on his ass? Zynga? That was extent of his gaming expertise. If you want to point to someone who ONLY functioned as a PR piece then look no further than Mattrick.

_-EDMIX-_1144d ago

I truly don't think Mattrick on his own just did the things in XONE that got many mad. I'm sorry but no major company just hands such power to 1 dude.

It was likely higher ups that wanted such a thing in XONE from the start.

I'm sorta tired of folks making it seem like he's gone, this the problem's gone.

Consider MS knew of this, was ok with it and greenlite it to happen in the first place.

Mattrick didn't OWN MS, he didn't just have more power then all of them and secretly make what XONE was happen all in the dark.

I don't think he is just some PR role, but I also don't think he was just on his own either making those things happen.

At some point, many XB fans need to understand that yes.....MS at some point was ok with what was happening to the XONE, they were very much fine with how things where going.

What stopped them wasn't management or being nice, it as they were losing sales BADLY!!!

Don't be so slow as to think that 1 person just calls all the shots. He did what he was told and ok'ed to do.

MS was ok with what he was doing, thus...its very much there fault. Clearly....what he was showing them made sense to them and they fully backed him in doing this to the system.

You can't just become head of gaming at MS and stop making games and turn it into an E-Z Bake just doesn't work that way. They don't just give full unquestionable power LMFAO!

Who really thought it was JUST him? Did any of you not consider he has people he has to address when making such changes?

FriedGoat1144d ago

You people are aware Phil Spencer is the guy who turned Rare into a shovel ware producing Kinect company right?
People seem to think he is the new Jesus, even though he's done plenty of damage in the past.

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hades071145d ago

Thanatos, where have you been the last year or two? Ever since Phil became the Head, not just a member, of the xbox divistion there has been lots of positives. Read one of the 1000's of articles from Journalist, indie and triple A developers talking about the great gamer-focused changes that have taken place in the xbox division.

_-EDMIX-_1144d ago

I'm sorry but, most of the "positives" have actually merely been reversals of what they had started earlier a couple years ago.

Sooooo those "gamer focused" changes don't really make sense, those updates and changes were always going to happen as 360 got many of the same post launch changes as well.

CKPan1145d ago

M$ lost me at xbox360, not going back in this gen.

Rare1145d ago

they lost me with their greed. unrepairable imo.

this coming from one of the very first xbox live participants, going on 3 RRODS before I switched over to the inferior ps3, dealing with their gimped online until ps4 launch.

sony nailed it this gen and the only thing that could ever sway me back to Microsoft's camp would be the successful rebirth of Rareware. I want true Banjo Kazzoies, Conker built from the ground up, Viva Piñata, Perfect Dark and the open world StarFox they attempted but never really finished on the gamecube.

ALL of these game's, done with care and investment with no emphasis put on quick returns, and MAYBE I'll consider putting my bum up into the air for another Microsoft tap 😆

XiMasterChief1145d ago

Sony lost me with their is pretty easy to switch around.

Greed. MS is a company. They (along with Sony) like MONEY.

P.s: Rare isn't allowed to make Star Fox. Nintendo owns it.

k2d1144d ago

@ximasterchief: Expect it is just just you playing word games. Every company want to be profitable, but every company doesn't want to; own the market; kill the competition; nickel and dime the consumer; value money over the costumers satisfaction. This is where Microsoft fails and Sony redeems itself. Now if only Sony had MS's money, they'd own the console market.

JasonKCK1145d ago

@Rare. I'm not defending any corporate greed, but Sony's charging 4 hours to play last gen games, is the greediest thing the console manufacturers have done this gen so far.

_-EDMIX-_1144d ago

.....because you have to right? LMFAO! Who put the gun to your head?

Define "Greed" please. Did you forget that gaming was a business?

Sooooo what MS tried to do to gamers wasn't bad at all huh? Trying to basically stop used games and have games tied solely to a HDD, which can't be upgraded by the way as the design was MADE TO MAKE SURE YOU COULDN'T!


and once gamers voiced that they where team PS4

Soooooooo not sure what you mean bud. Sorry but Sony having a rental service by CHOICE isn't anything near what MS attempted at the start of this gen.

I'm sure no gamer will ever for get their attempt to destroy the used game market and to force all gamers online.

I'm sorry but MS embodies greed at its very core.

Even the most die hard XB fan spoke up against what MS was doing. I'm sorry but it was a GAMER issue, not even a MS vs Sony vs Nintendo thing, it was solely a GAMER ISSUE!

Sony, Nintendo and clearly MS fans alike do no want what MS was trying to attempt. They very much showed there true colors.

Fans very much put them in there place and made it known.....they can be the Sega Dreamcast at any gen if the attempt such a thing.