GTA V Soundtrack Available for Preorder on iTunes

Music in video games go a long way in creating an atmosphere for players to immerse themselves in. No game is more realistic than Grand Theft Auto V, and to add to that feeling comes Welcome To Los Santos, an album compiled by Alchemist and Oh No.

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ValKilmer1024d ago

Any album with Future Islands is a must-buy in my book.

thrust1023d ago

Do people really buy game soundtracks?

poppinslops1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

@Kilmer - Have you seen their Letterman performance?
It's AWESOME... hands down the best dancing I've seen since MJ (RIP).

I don't know if the DJs pick the tunes or if it's a collaboration with the R* crew, but whoever does it has an eye for up-and-comers... without GTAV I might never have heard Feathers, Nite Jewel, METZ, Niki and the Dove or Toro y Moi.

Now I dig 'em all.

WizzroSupreme1023d ago

I could seriously just listen to GTA V's soundtrack as much as I do Smash Bros. Such good tunes.