Final 'After the Incident' DLC released for Trials Fusion

Neil writes "The final planned DLC pack for Trials Fusion has today been released. Are you ready to take on ‘After the Incident?"

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bobsmith936d ago

woot love every dlc so much and on their website it says:
so woot maybe season 2 for more dlc!

Yi-Long936d ago

Yeah, more DLC-milking for a game that was already unbalanced when it came to easy-hard tracks (too many tracks wayyyy too short and easy, so not really much of a challenge or fun to keep playing, then suddenly a bunch of tracks which were TOO difficult, beyond the point of a fun challenge.

Fusion is the weakest Trials game in the series, plus it was also the most expensive, and with overpriced DLC (Season-Pass). And here you are, begging for more... (!)

I LOVED the first 2 Trials games, bought them AND all it's DLC, cause it offered amazing value for money.

Bought Fusion for 10 bucks in a sale cause I didn't want to pay full price because of that season-pass, played it for 2-3 days, then got bored with it and haven't touched it in months.

The addictive challenging nature of the first 2 games is just completely lost. It still looks good and it plays good, but the very short tracks are just too easy and not very memorable.

bobsmith936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

I loved evo way more than this too especially the phoenix I liked way more over pit viper, but still like this and the dlcs.

not as good as evo and no new bike in the dlcs, but the tracks are still really good and theres so many secrets in every level I think theyre genius for all the stuff they come up with and think its worth it

its not that bad if you buy the season pass but spending to buy them seperatley as they release would seem like bad deal compared to just payin 20 for them all upfront.
its worth it mainly just so you can play track central with the dlc parts.

even though it cost more than evo still the best game you can buy I think besides like gta v

What tracks were too difficult for you? could you get plat or gold on all trakcs in evo?

PsyMonk3y936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

Loved the previous trials games and love this one too yes the dlc content got gimped but its still a amazing game thats lots of fun.

Yes it gets difficult but with practice you can achieve greatness but sadly most people aren't prepared to give the game the time needed to really enjoy it.

Also don't forget the user created tracks on track central and finally multiplayer which adds great replay value and life to this game.

Give the game a chance practice and patience is key. ;)

Yi-Long936d ago

The user-created stuff is better than the stuff the developers made, and makes the game worth owning/playing, but that doesn't change the fact that the base game is unbalanced, the tracks are too short, and the price was too high considering the first two games just offered better value for money in terms of content and replay-value.

Yeah, it's still a great game gameplay-wise, but Fusion is very much the weakest of the three, which is a shame.

Hopefully their next game will be true next-gen instead of cross-gen, and we'll see bigger longer tracks which are more fun to keep playing over and over and over again.