How to Kill Amygdala in Bloodborne

If ever there was a moment that perfectly exemplifies the weirdness that is Bloodborne‘s camera mechanics, it’s the fight with Amygdala.

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KwietStorm1208d ago

It's even funnier when people take two steps forward or back and leave the same note. Feel like I'm watching The Price Is Right.

rdgneoz31208d ago

Easy way, use the lock on only for small creatures. I never use it for mobs / bosses the size of houses. You'll end up dying when the camera is facing straight up and you can't see yourself getting cornered.

NatureOfLogic_1208d ago

The only times I've rage in bloodborne is when I'm stuck in a corner getting torn apart by enemies/bosses and the camera is all up on my a** where I can't see anything. It especially aggravating when your trying dodge out of the coner only to be block by some object that you can't see. I learned after many coner deaths to pay more attention to my surroundings, especially behind me.

Ozmoses1208d ago

I got him last night on the first try.. He wasn't that tough... But I did level up quite a lot because I was having trouble against Rom, The Vacuous Spider.

I need to go fight The One Reborn!

God I love this game!!! #BloodborneBug

ReesesPuffs1208d ago

I wish you luck with the reborn one. That boss fight gave me a lot of trouble. That and Martyr Logarius.

Der_Kommandant1208d ago

Actually Amygdala is a very easy boss

dcj05241208d ago

Him in New game+ messed me up bad

Summons751208d ago

I've never had a problem with the camera ever. The only time it gets whacky is when I accidentally hit to the right or left and it changes targets in mid dodge. The only time I had a problem it made me die was in the Witch boss fight because I got to close to a wall trying to heal and it went behind a drape and I couldn't see the summon sawn next to me at the same time, outside of that it's never a problem.

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