Two InFAMOUS PS4 Themes Released by Sony: Screenshots Inside

Sony Computer Entertainment just released two new PS4 themes dedicated to inFAMOUS: Second Son and inFAMOUS: First Light on the North American PlayStation Store.

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Takwin1148d ago

Thanks! I absolutely loved these games. While not perfect 10s, they are solid 9s with amazing graphics and FUN gameplay. Had a blast the first time through, and will definitely play them both again.

DragoonsScaleLegends1147d ago

I would give it a 8 at best personally. Yes it looked great and most of the other triple a PS4 games don't look much better than last gen games but the frame-rate really fluctuated at times with noticeable stutters. First Light seemed to have much better performance but too bad those improvements weren't patched in on Second Son. I also think the story left much to be desired and was short. As a huge Infamous fan and expecting a story on the same level as the first game, I was hugely disappointed. But there are far worse disappointing games in 2014 like Watch Dogs which I would rate a 6 or 7 and most of my other PS4 games that I would give 7s or lower.

Takwin1147d ago

I do agree both PS3 Infamous are better, but I thought those were 9.5 or 10 type games. I still have both and will play those again too. I think Sucker Punch will put it all together for Infamous 4 and deliver one of the best games of the generation. Put Infamous 1/2 on an improved First Light graphics and oh boy.

inveni01147d ago

I felt like the progression of gameplay was better in Second Son, because the first two games had too many power progressions, and that started to feel repetitive. Second Son had fewer of these, and so it wasn't as bad. (Now, I platinumed 1 & 2, but not Second Son, so that could be why 1 & 2 wore on me a little more.)

scottieleverne1147d ago

Don't say thanks until you purchase them.

DragoonsScaleLegends1147d ago

I think most of Sonys first party games were made with the intent of sequels and most of the funds went into each games engine which is why most of the games fell short of greatness. I liked the gameplay and graphics but the the story is where it mostly falls short. In the original Infamous the story and gameplay were great but the graphics were not that good for a PS3 game. I'm expecting a much better game with Sucker Punch's next game.


I've played every Infamous game except for Infamous 2. I just never bought it. I got the platinum for the first Infamous, Second Son, and First Light. I think the PS4 games were a major upgrade in every way except for story and some of the powers really sucked.

AstroCyborg1148d ago

great more nickle & dimming consumer themes

AstroCyborg1148d ago

they keep charging us for themes when last gen we had the option to make our own

medman1148d ago

If you don't know diming is not spelled dimming, maybe you should hit the books and leave the themes alone.

ion6661147d ago

@medman U R a Gen-tall-mein AnD An A SCHOOlar!!,

rashada071148d ago

Looks good! Glad some official PS game themes are getting released and not huge batches of thrown together unknown 3rd party themes.

Still happy with my Bloodborne theme though!

magiciandude1147d ago

You know this is Slow News Day when a PS4 theme makes headlines, lol.

scottieleverne1147d ago

Funny how the First Light theme cost more than the actual game for Plus members.

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