Ride glitch causes save game corruption, patch "will be released asap"

VVV: "Unfortunately, the problems keep persisting, as players are reporting a widespread problem where their save game data files are being lost when progressing through the world tour mode. The issue seems to be widespread and affecting both the PS4 and PC version of Ride. Some users reporting that their save files are corrupted when booting the game. Others are finding that bikes, unlocked races or credits acquired in the World Tour are missing."

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PersonMan1027d ago

I still wanna know where this game is? I can't find it anywhere! It's not on the playstation store and I can't find it in stores. What gives?

Pintheshadows1027d ago

They pulled it last minute and delayed it and a few more weeks.

sizeofyou1027d ago

Delayed in MOST places. I've got retail. I didn't bother with MotoGP 14 (hated the demo) but really like Ride (less twitchy on stick control, maybe). Think it helps that it's off the shelf bikes with interesting courses rather than the standard race tracks in all games! BUT it's glitchy - and the delay will hopefully take out a few issues.
ENJOY if you get it!