Extra Punctuation: Why You Should Be a Bit Disappointed With Ori and the Blind Forest

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

I'm disappointed in you, game-buying public. I'm disappointed by the 'Overwhelmingly Positive' summary label that appears next to the user review section of Ori and the Blind Forest on Steam. Not angry, just disappointed. I mean, it's not bad as games go. It passes the time. Controls alright, animation's really good, I certainly wouldn't judge you harshly if you did enjoy it. But it's a classic example of style over substance, and there's something awfully hollow about it.

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oSHINSAo1087d ago

The answer is... because you do not own a Xbox One ??... hate this kind of titles on both, Xbox and PS articles...

Malphite1087d ago

You don't have to own an Xbox One to enjoy the game.

breakpad1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

the article nailed it.. the game has no substance ...dull platforming, lot of colorful lights to catch the eye and uninspired , simple designed characters try to wake in you some feelings s not a bad game (somwere between 6-7/10 like every other indie game) but in no way the masterpiece or the 9-9,5/10 game which all media rushed to convince us it is

krypt19831087d ago

@breakpad dull platforming you obviously haven't played this game because i remember some incredible platforming, it even added new elements to stale platforming, does it hurt you troll that this game is great and well received..

starchild1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

No, you don't, but not everybody owns a gaming PC. I continue to be told that PC gaming is a completely different market, a niche market even (haha), so if that's true it means there are a lot of gamers on other consoles that can't play this.

In any case, I find Ori and the Blind Forest to be a brilliant, magical game.

But, ok, people have different tastes. I personally think several recent big games are somewhat overrated (I won't name names), but I usually don't go out of my way to point out why I think they are so overrated. I try to focus on games I do like.

lelo2play1087d ago

Played Ori and the Blind Forest on the PC. Great game.

nicksetzer11087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

??? I don't get it. This author is upset that most people like this game? It is a great game, it's fine that the author didn't like it, but how is that an issue?

People always think everyone has to share their opinions. This is quite literally the dumbest article i have ever seen, it is basically asking, why do people have opinions that aren't the same as me. Stupid.

The better question is, why is this author so upset that most people like this game?

rainslacker1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

The author, Zero Punctuation's own Yahtzee, is questioning why people allow emotional stories in games to cloud their judgement of technical merits of the game design or game play.

he wasn't discounting people's opinion of the game, just wondering if their opinion was based on the quality of the game design and game play, or because it made them have an emotional reaction due to the story.

It's a different take on the idea of if people say a game is better than it is because the graphics are really good.

I haven't played the game myself, so I can't comment on it's quality. Just saying that you took the article the wrong way.

Lennoxb631087d ago

Don't get what you mean by disappointed. I'm on my 2nd playthrough already. Yea, it was that good.

Sm00thop1087d ago

I went for the 100 percent achievement on my second play through, nearly got there but made the mistake of having my 8year old nephew stay over, yep he saved over my play through lol. I'll play it again though, its great.

YoungKingDoran1087d ago

That happened to me back in the day with Banjo Kazooie haha. 90 something % down the drain.
I was pissed at first, but then I enjoyed starting over again anyway.

Septic1087d ago

Whaaa how? 100% achievement in this is nigh on impossible. You're not even allowed to die in it.

Legion211087d ago

@Septic two different achievements. But not dying will be challenging, but you can back up your save so it's not too bad.

Revolt131087d ago

Trash article, the games was amazing!

Sm00thop1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

I play a lot of 2d games like Ori and can honestly say I thought the game was amazing. Its a very fluid game with gorgeous visuals and crazy good music. The story unfolds in a really nice way and keeps you playing. I think overall the game totally works on all aspects, could have been a little longer, but you always want more from great games. You got to praise good game design when you see it, shame some people don't appreciate talent.

starchild1087d ago

Agreed, but you do have to admit the length is totally adequate for only $20. It lasted me as long as some games I spent $60 on.

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