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EB: The problem with choosing a solid gaming headset lies in the fact that there are so many options from many different trusted, as well as upstart tech companies, so the process of choosing one can be quite cumbersome. Certain lines are ultra-expensive, and while they do tend to offer the best overall experience, price isn’t always the sole factor when it comes to a top-notch gaming headset.

This logic can be applied to Skullcandy’s latest headset offering, the SLYR Xbox One Gaming Headset, which can also be used with other devices that support a 3.5mm input, albeit without some of the custom Xbox One platform features provided by the GMX-1 mixer that attaches to the Xbox One controller. This stylish headset retails for just $99, and after putting it through the paces, I can assure you that it provides clear tones at all ranges, a stellar boom mic, and an all around comfy design that actually looks pretty radical thanks to the black and green Xbox One color scheme (There’s also a Halo edition with a custom paint job).

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1204d ago

Yeah big fan of the design, sounds great too.