Ghost Ship Head Trip – Spirits of Xanadu Review | GIZORAMA

Johnny Ohm, GIZORAMA - "The movie Groundhog Day exemplifies one of my greatest fears: waking up day after day to repeat the same tasks and experience the same sensations over and over again. I’m scared to death that one morning I’ll open my eyes to the same interminable dross I dealt with the day prior, so imagine my pants-wetting realization that, after having previewed Solarix mere days ago, I was now scheduled to review yet another first-person indie sci-fi adventure featuring hallucinogenic alien viruses in the outskirts of space. It wasn’t until I booted up the game, rechecked the date (you know, just in case it was Friday again), and gave Spirits of Xanadu a try that I realized this was anything but a rehash of the week before; it was something new, something magnificent."

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