Dark Souls 2's Priced Visual Upgrade on PC Could Be a Sign of Things to Come

Bandai Namco are preparing to release Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in the coming days. There is something worrying about the PC version though. People who've already bought Dark Souls 2 and the season pass are still expected to pay for a graphical upgrade, and that's not necessarily a good thing.

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Pandamobile1151d ago

That's a pretty shady thing to do, and it's not going to win them any favours.

Crimzon1151d ago

Very shady, especially considering that when Dark Souls 2 launched they were advertising the game with gameplay footage that looked significantly better than the actual game. The severe graphical downgrade was bad enough, but still using that old footage to advertise their game? I'm surprised that there wasn't a lawsuit over it.

DougLord1151d ago

I think this is fine. We were expected to pay for TLOU and GTA on next gen even if we owned on PS3.

bmwfanatic1151d ago

To be fair gta v for ps4 and xbox 1 was more than just a visual upgrade.

Bodge1151d ago

Would you pay for this "upgraded" version if it was on PS3?

I don't think so.

rdgneoz31151d ago

So it's fine that if you supported the company when it came out and bought the season pass, you still have to pay $20 for a little visual upgrade and few tweaks. When someone that never bought it, get it all for just $50 ($10 more than the dx 9 price with the dlc) or buy the DLC with the patch for $30 (when the DLC is priced at $20)?

It's fine to charge dedicated fans $10 more for an upgrade when they supported you at the start?

Corpser1151d ago

You have to deal with that on current gen consoles because they are not backwards compatible so can't play last gen games, but we're talking about PCs here

freshslicepizza1151d ago

when tlou came out it was for the ps3 and the ps4 was not available at that time. you are comparing apples to oranges. the technology already existed and was widely used on pc games before dark souls 2 came out. this sounds like they held back advanced settings on purpose or were too incompetent to make use of the pc hardware.

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SteamPowered1151d ago

Do your worst Namco. This is only hurting your image and is basically pointless with such a robust modding community at hand.

Pandamobile1151d ago

Do they want piracy? Because this is how you get piracy.

kurruptor1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Just like the remasters on consoles, bottomline is... if it isn't worth the money to you... don't buy it.

Why should this be free when they had to pay for the development just like any other content?

Sgt_Slaughter1151d ago

First off, this is what the PC game should have been like on Day 1. They severely downgraded the game, and now want to put everything back in like nothing happened, but charge for it.

Plus all the community is gonna do is extract the necessary files and release a visual upgrade mod, so now people can get it and for $0.

Genova841151d ago

Not sure if that's going to be possible as one game is written for dx9 and the other for dx11.

I will wait for it to go on sale as I didn't play the crowns dlc when they launched.

freshslicepizza1151d ago

directx 11 was introduced in 2009, this game came out in 2014. directx 12 is coming out this year so it would be an easier pill to swallow if this was for directx 12.

lemoncake1151d ago

If people buy it then it will become the norm, gamers have the future in their hands with this kind of thing so hopefully it doesn't sell well.

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