The Masterful Emotional Pull Of Bloodborne

Bloodborne has excellent (if methodical) fast-paced combat, carefully-crafted atmosphere, a soundtrack that waxes and wanes with the ever-building tension, and looks beautiful on current-gen hardware. These factors are important when examining the game’s success, but the real craftsmanship behind one of the less tangible aspects of what makes Bloodborne an amazing game lies in the game’s ability to make you feel, for better or worse.

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ArchangelMike1205d ago

The game makes you feel alright... the feeling of abject dread with every footstep; as well as the feeling of nail biting victories.

LamerTamer1205d ago

"looks beautiful on current gen hardware"

Well except for the ugly chromatic aberration that makes anything not right in the middle of the screen a blurry color fringing mess.

psplova1205d ago

Still don't see just wth you're talking about man... seems to me you've got a better eye than most but being as it's hampering your enjoyment of this game i feel for you. I really do.

LamerTamer1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Ok try this, taken with the share button and cropped out. It is quite hideous and ruins the PQ.

psplova1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

I play the game every night bro. Not seeing what you're claiming should be right in front of my eyes. [email protected]#& looks quite impressive on my hdtv..