Atlus USA re-tweets news about tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct

Adding to tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct fun is something from Atlus USA. The company re-tweeted the news about the upcoming presentation, so they’ll probably be involved in some fashion.

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Takwin1180d ago

YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH. My personal hype is at a level I cannot even comprehend.

Metallox1180d ago

I know, but they're going to talk about a 3DS, not SMT X FE.

Big_Game_Hunters1180d ago

unfortunately, i still have some hope though. At least confirmation that it hasn't been canned.

HentaiMasterRace1180d ago

If it was Atlus JP then yes, but it's probably gonna cover Devil Survivor and Etrian Odyssey.

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animegamingnerd1180d ago

as much as i like it to be SMT x FE i have seen some people pointed out they apparently did tease that they are localizing that Attack On Titan 3DS game.

kalkano1180d ago

They just announced today that they're localizing Stella Glow for 3DS. That's probably what it is.

EricWeichhart1180d ago

They also hinted Attack On Titan localization.

Dunban671180d ago

I just hope they don t announce any more delays and that Fire Emblem and Xenoblade will still be released on the Wii u before any future console is released

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