Why PS Vita's Discontinuation Seems Likely

With a lack of support provided by Sony towards its current handheld system, the possibility of Sony discontinuing the system seems more than likely as time passes by.

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nidhogg1177d ago

What? This again? I've just finished playing a 3 hour long session of helldivers on the Vita, now I'm playing Hotline Miami 2, and later maybe even Axiom Verge when it comes out. Really now? these "journalists" should give this handheld a break. It has a lot of games and I think I won't get tired of it even for the next 3 years because of its library. In short, I, and many others, just don't use our Vita as remote play for our PS4 duh. (Bloodborne remote play was awesome tho)

miyamoto1176d ago

Desperate for hits sites,lol!
Just finished Lego Ninjago Shadow of Ronin PS Vita version which is heads and shoulders better than the 3DS version in terms of graphics in 720p.

I really have bad news for PS Vita haters: The PS Vita is gonna stay for a whole lot longer. :P

gokuking1177d ago

Every video game platform in the history of forever gets discontinued eventually.

gamer78041176d ago

it depends on what you consider a platform, i see psn, steam and xbox live continuing for some time, and from the future on backwards compatibility should be easier.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1177d ago

I can see it happening in the west in a year and half. But Japan it will probably stay til Nintendo 3DS successor drop. Which is about 3 years away.

ragnalamb1176d ago

Holy Mother of god!!! Are you nostradamus or what??

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1176d ago

no and y are u getting emotional

HentaiMasterRace1177d ago

Maybe in the west best it'll be fine in Japan where it's thriving.

vongruetz1176d ago

This is what I'm thinking. There was a time when I thought that maybe Sony would just give up on the Vita, but that's only because I look at it from a Western point of view.

The Vita is starting to do really well in Japan with weekly sales right around where the 3DS is. Vita games in Japan are best sellers. And if Sony wants to maintain any presence in its home country, it needs to have a handheld gaming system to offer.

That means despite the doomsayers, the Vita isn't going anywhere. There will probably be another one as well. They're not going to give up that entire market to Nintendo.

PSXQ81177d ago

April Fools PS vita is not going anywhere in any time soon...

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