Former Xbox One Exclusive Chaos;Child’s PS4 Demo Now Available: Check Out 134 1080p Screenshots

As previously announced, 5pb. made the PS4 demo of the former XBox One exclusive visual novel Chaos;Child available on the Japanese PSN.

If you don’t want to press circle a million times (which is what you’ll do the most within the demo), but still want to see how it looks like on PS4, here's plenty screenshots.

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iTechHeads872d ago ShowReplies(5)
KwietStorm872d ago

Every time I see this reported about, it's the same thing. You would think 'Former Xbox Exclusive' is in the title of the game.

ninsigma872d ago

Yeah its Kinda silly. I've been thinking for ages that any article that starts with "ps4 exclusive" or "xboxone exclusive" is ridiculous. We generally know a game is exclusive so there's no need for that in the title.

thehitman1398871d ago

Bet you wouldn't be saying this if it was a ps4 exclusive switching to the xbone.

You boners will wine and complain about anything. Lol

KwietStorm871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

And you are the exact problem with gaming today. You fanboys will attack anyone who doesn't worship like you do. I don't even have an Xbox, you dummy. I have a PS4. But I make an honest statement that doesn't appease the masses, so I have to be a "binee." I cannot stand what the game industry has turned into. Nothing but stale ideas and mob mentality people like you who can't even think for themselves.

InMyOpinion871d ago

Why all the disagrees? It looks like sh*t.

nyctophilia13871d ago

Yeah Xbone can keep this one.

Iluvtrim872d ago (Edited 872d ago )

Man these effing sites. Is the former Xbox exclusive even necessary. Never saw this with the other console lost exclusives.

FarEastOrient872d ago

You must be new here or did you not read the articles when the PS3 came out.

Articuno76872d ago

TBF no one would even give this game a second look if not for the fact that it was one of the only notable JPN Xbox One exclusives.

Dizzydrifter1872d ago

I have an Xbox one and have never heard of this game have fun with it because I sure didn't

KwietStorm872d ago

You never heard of the game, but you say have fun with it I can't do this.

Articuno76872d ago

It never came out in English, which is probably why.

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