Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles Could Bring New Life to Series

Ubisoft recently announced its next foray into the Assassin’s Creed universe with “Assassin’s Creed Chronicles”. Will it be the spin-off the series needs?

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DanteVFenris6661057d ago

it looks like a nice vita game if it ever releases on it, but console wise not the life and direction id prefer

JWiLL5521057d ago

They're still making "Victory" for consoles.

This definitely looks to be fairly innovative for a side-scroller.

That trailer was really well done too. Will definitely pick up the first chapter next month.

_-EDMIX-_1057d ago

"definitely looks to be fairly innovative for a side-scroller" it doesn't.

Ozmoses1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )


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Az1mov1057d ago

We'll still see the annual installment/sequel take place around the holiday season though.
this is just to help pay the bills ;)

oSHINSAo1057d ago

i like the prince of persia flavor

kraenk121057d ago

So Prince Of Persia like "indie" style side scrollers?! Looks more interesting to me than the 100th 3D version with similar gameplay.

Canary1057d ago

It's doubtful that any game will reinvigorate the franchise so long as Ubisoft continues to embrace some of the most conservative game design outside of Dragon Quest.

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