Review: Battlefield: Hardline - Far from perfect - Gaming Boulevard

The guys of Gaming Boulevard deliver their review of Battlefield: Hardline.

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wakeNbake1203d ago

This game got put on the back burner once Bloodborne came out.

1203d ago
detroitmademe1203d ago

yea this is a very solid game,right now this is n my rotation along with bloodborne and gta 5

oasdada1203d ago

i like the direction this game took.. wudve appreciated if there were a little more investigation elements in it.. however i personally think it shudnt have carried the Battle field label on it.. i think it hurts it more than it helps

zrud1203d ago

This is the first battlefield game i wont be buying. I wont be paying over 100$ for full experience of a game that could just been a half a***d mod to BF4.

I played the beta, and i could not believe they ruined the game that badly. My score would be 5/10. Just because the launch of the network side was better than from BF4.

Sokol1202d ago

I have to agree, this doesn't feel or look like a Battlefield game for me personally..

It's almost a completely different game with Battlefield logo on it.. For the reasons I can't understand.. Sales I guess.

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