Bloodborne Patch 1.02 Released, Removes Duplication Glitch

Bloodborne was released last week to grand reviews, and to ensure players receive the best experience possible, From Software and SCEA have been constantly keeping an eye on glitches.

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NovusTerminus1204d ago

Hate that they removed it, only because of the fact you can only take ONE weapon to +10 without it.

And hopefully they fixed the Daughter of Cosmos elevator glitch.

SweatyFlorida1204d ago

I thought you could get 2 of those blood stones per ng?

rdgneoz31204d ago

It's 1 stone per game, though apparently people have found stones in the chalice dungeons as well.

mikeslemonade1204d ago

I better get to that glitch then. Cause I want to take the Kirkhammer and Cannon to level 10.

WildArmed1203d ago

I've found a ton in the depth 4 chalice. So far I have about 6 weapons +10

SilentNegotiator1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

People are already talking about NG and getting weapons to +10??

Boy, I've gotta step it up!

MysticStrummer1203d ago

@Silent - I saw a stream last night of a NG++

I just beat the spider boss for the first time yesterday. lol

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NecotheSergal1204d ago

That's a sad perspective to have, it means to be careful and only master the weapon you know is the best in your arsenal. I put it on my Cannon :P +10 cannon in PVP helps a lot along with the item that powers it up further for one shot ;P

Slash them a few times, dodge to the side, secretly pull out the cannon to replace the pistol and POOWWW! BOOM KAPOW!! DED.

Also, can't you get Blood Rocks from like, the highest level Chalice Dungeons? Swear you could, I'm beating them one at a time so I haven't seen it YET, there's a LOT of varying cups for every of the 4 types. Regular, Root, Central, Lower, etc etc

NovusTerminus1204d ago

I can't stay with one weapon, in any game. I jump around way to much.

I did not know that, then I have no problems if I can get them from there. I switch weapons every fight almost. And last I heard there was only one Blood Rock, but knowing I can get them from the Chalice dungeon is fine with me.

I beat the game normally and was completing the side collection missions and was going to start duping, but this was here will be fine with me as well.

Thanks for letting me know I can get them.

CaptainSellers1204d ago

Simple, delete the patch and dupe away.

vallencer1204d ago

If you delete it then go back to play online you won't be able too. It'll read your save as being too old. that's how it worked in the souls games. Even demons.

kurruptor1204d ago

What if you prevented the patch from downloading in the first place? Continue to play offline, are you telling me that if you then installed the update in a few days... they would say sorry out of luck and force you to start over?

CaptainSellers1204d ago

@vallencer That's true, you would have to refuse the patch then I guess.

Gamer19821204d ago

as long as you havnt got a save with a newer version your fine to not update and use an older version. You can just refuse to update but it wont allow you to play online until you do.

RedSoakedSponge1204d ago

are you guys really talking about ways to cheat a game? shame on you.

KuroKazuma1203d ago

more simple: just play the game and dont do the fucking dupe shit

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Dark111204d ago

Too late i'm already level 999

PVP here i come!

rdgneoz31204d ago

Grats, you'll be pvping with people lvl 890ish to 999...

JP13691204d ago Show
OmegaShen1204d ago

Don't believe you, I'm in the 300's in new game plus and I got a few things to max out. If anything the max level is 500.

SpinalRemains1381204d ago

Good. You'll be paired up with all the other cheaters where you belong.

xActionBasturdx1204d ago

I'm sure you're gonna be the same guy complaining about matchmaking issues as well...git gud scrub

WildArmed1203d ago

Clearly he is joking, the game has like seven stats, 99 is the max for each stat.

Simple math shows at most you can go is 693 with 7 stats at 99

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thorstein1204d ago

I just want them to delevel all the people that used the glitch.

NovusTerminus1204d ago

Why? Everyone tht power level to max level will only have each other to fight.

Most PvP's are level 70 - 80 (if this is like the old Souls) so what does it matter how fast they got there? Or if they overshot it to max? they won't have anyone else to play the game with at that point anyways.

It doesn't really effect you at all.

thorstein1204d ago


You don't know if they all leveled to 999 (or whatever it is). And what if they used the glitch just to upgrade weapons?

How is that fair to people who don't glitch?

I could use the exploits to get weapons upgraded and level up to just the "right" level where others are playing and invade and own them.

That's why.

Maxor1204d ago

Because it ruin the sense of fairplay in coops and most importantly, in PVP. The online community as a whole is tainted when there are so many dupers out there.

WildArmed1203d ago

You'll see those builds anyway, dupe glitch or not,

My demon souls / dark souls builds were lv40s and had maxed weapon and the best gear +10.

Ofcourse it took effort to get that unlike duping, but you'll see these builds very soon all over bloodborne.

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ChronoJoe1204d ago

You get the stones in chalices. Earn them there, instead of cheating.

Maxor1204d ago

Too bad the patch can't invalid the save files of all the dupers who used yet another exploit for ill gotten gains. This would be fine with these clowns would stay in their own game in singleplayer but the sad truth is that most of them dupe so they can get an edge in coop or PVP.

This is why FROM need to take a serious step forward with this series and add an online only mode. Even if the dupe exploit is fixed the hackers can't be stopped until they keep the save files on the server side.

Toon_Link1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Wouldn't a player of similar level that didn't dupe more than likely be a more skilled player considering they put in the time and learned the mechanics while grinding out there stuff? Cheaters only cheat themselves no reason to be mad at them it's there loss. Anyway if they don't want to grind it out who cares? I don't get people that try to make gaming so serious. I'm going to play it legit and I'm going to ignore PvP cause I'm in it for the single player experience. But if I did come across a duper I'd probably be relieved knowing I will probably put up a better fight than they can.

Edit: I reread your comment and and see your point about offline but I still stand by the fact that a cheater has way less play time and more than likely will get beat down by a legit player.

nitus101203d ago

There is no need for on-line only since if you go on-line the software on the server can/should check for basic cheating.

Providing the players stats match their level and the those stats fall within the minimum and maximum ranges. As an example if the players HP is say 100,000 or more (take a look at the highest sinners in Dark Souls if you don't believe me) then they are very obviously cheating.

Of course this won't stop a cheater from playing an off-line game although it would be rather funny if some of the checking software was also in the actual game.

generic-user-name1204d ago

"I beat the game normally and was completing the side collection missions and was going to start duping, but this was here will be fine with me as well.

Thanks for letting me know I can get them."

Don't believe his lies.

NovusTerminus1203d ago

Then don't, even if I lied it doesn't effect your game at all.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1203d ago

Do chalices. I've maxed 6 weapons so far.

lizard812881203d ago

I wish they would have fixed the long loading times instead.

Juras1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

They not, glitched to me witch current patch installed. (cosmos elevator glitch)

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Summons751204d ago

That's good. I didn't know about the summoning bug in the Forbidden Woods though but I did get the key so guess I lucked out.

wsoutlaw871204d ago

I haven't seen anyone saying it happened to them, but Sony warned about it

joab7771204d ago

Yeah. I didn't think they would. I didnt.

And I know. It's tough when the system is designed for 2 or more weapons. I switch mid-fight quite often.

GearSkiN1204d ago

What about that loading screen

Kane221204d ago

its coming. that is taking a little time.

KwietStorm1204d ago

I see did there..?

dillhole1204d ago

I must say it hasn't been bothering me that much. It's nice to have time to reflect on what happened and get myself ready to try again.

Kane221204d ago

the loading times aren't as bad as people are making it out to be.

Genova841204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

What about when you just want to go back to your dream and didn't die? Or you successfully cleared a chalice dungeon? Or beat a boss and found a new lamp? What do you reflect on then? How well your blood farming went? How much you totally whooped that boss's @$$?

The load times are not a blessing. If you want to reflect go to your dream to "pause" the game. I'm so sick of people using this as a justification for them.

thorstein1204d ago

I agree with Kane. The game must load every enemy and every breakable object and every open gate and every boss that you haven't defeated, and not load the bosses you did.

That took 20 seconds.

There's a great bit by Louis CK where he makes fun of people "non contributing zeroes" who complain about this stuff. Complaining about the time it takes for a text message to download a video.

WildArmed1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I wish they weren't so bland. Demons souls had my fav type of loadin screen.

There really isn't much to think about when waiting for the dream to load or a chalice dungeon :)

The loading time is def some of the slowest I've seeN

MysticStrummer1203d ago

"I wish they weren't so bland."

Yeah they don't bother me much and aren't as long as it was claimed, but they are bland. Someone streamed the Bloodborne soundtrack last night and there were what appeared to be HUD free screenshots as a slideshow. Those would have been cool for a load screen.

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maybelovehate1204d ago

Exactly haha. Not worried about duplication bugs, I am not going to use them anyhow. Fix the loading times!

SpinalRemains1381204d ago

The whole 11 seconds when u lamp warp? Oh the horror.

deadfrag1204d ago

Worst what about a fix for the frame-pacing issue that makes the game stutters greatly to the point of completly breaking the gameplay!Its funny how Bungie fix this same problem in Destiny in 24h with a patch and From Software and Sony dont seem to give a damn about it !

wsoutlaw871204d ago

Gameplay braking frame rate drops? I haven't noticed any.

Revengeance1204d ago

Game breaking? We must be playing two different versions because the drops are there but nowhere near game breaking

UKmilitia1204d ago

i have noticved the drops and the audio graphic issues in old Yharnam and while really annoying there not game breaking.
couple in forbidden wood too.

i used the glitch because i was struggling and new to the series.
i wont be playing in the chailce dungeons though so it wont affect anyone else and the main thing is me doing the glitch to make it that bit easier i have loved the game since doing it.

awesome game.

DragonKnight1204d ago

Not enough over exaggeration of frame issue in trolling attempt. 6/10 Polygon.

WildArmed1203d ago

After beating the game three times and getting the platinum, I've never experienced slowdowns during battles.

When loading into a new area, sure. But never in a boss battle or when fighting normal mobs

subtenko1203d ago

Not exactly game breaking, but ANNOYING.

SilentNegotiator1203d ago

The framerate isn't anywhere near game breaking. WTF are you talking about?

BlackTar1871203d ago

Comparing the Billion $ game seller to the 400k game seller and staff is funny.

FUNNNY HOW A GAME WITH A DEV TEAM OF 100's or 1000's can fix a problem in 24hrs that a game dev with like 1/4 the staff can't do............................

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WellyUK1203d ago

It's hardly that bad... Maybe you should stop dying? Your all moaning about loading on Bloodborne yet GTA V has a 5 minute loading screen at the start and 2-3 minute loading online in between lobbies.

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OmegaShen1204d ago

Dup things with no cost? There was a free way to do it? I seen people have to buy pebbles to do it, if I knew there was a free way I would of done it for the blood rocks.

silvacrest1204d ago

not sure if sarcasm but pebbles cost 10 blood echos each, and even if you didn't want to buy them for whatever reason, just farm crows

DragonKnight1204d ago

You only need like 2 pebbles, which you can get for free by farming some crows or hell just dupe more pebbles.