PS4 Arkham Knight Bundles Already Up On Amazon

Sony announced the brand new PS4 Arkham Knight bundle today and Amazon has listed the bundles for Arkham Knight.

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xHeavYx872d ago

I wonder how long until it sells out.

iSuperSaiyanGod872d ago (Edited 872d ago )

Going to preorder at besbuy right now . I needed a new ps4 anyway filled up my hard drive lol

SouthClaw872d ago

You know there is a cheaper option than buying a new console? Its called buying a bigger hard drive or even cheaper than that... delete stuff you don't need?

HAC522872d ago

"whoops, i filled up my harddrive. better buy another console, and another one on top of that (just in case) because im a rich asshole!"

iSuperSaiyanGod872d ago

I guess I'm a rich asshole because I'm ordering a console that I have months to pay off .... Or I'm just somebody who work hard, & goes to school so I won't be a broke bum .. Ever thought I wanted another ps4 for another room? Or because I'm also a big ass batman fan? I'm far from rich ... Will be one day because I am going to school to be a dr . But right now I'm just a 20 year old who has his priorities straight

Thatguy-310872d ago

It's still holding out for the MGS V bundle. Hopefully it comes. Won't be surprised if this bundle shoots straight to the top 10.

BartMoons872d ago

How about an Xbox limited edition as well.

SoapShoes872d ago

Because people are buying PS4s for MGS and Batman as well to a lesser extent. But ultimately because Sony has partnering rights to it just like Xbox with COD and Assassins Creed. There are plenty of X1 special bundles...

crazychris4124872d ago

Same here the red just looks so,much better.

SmokingMonkey872d ago

Holy Awesome Console Batman!

S2Killinit872d ago

Hahahaha that looks freakin* awesome. look at the controller! they look like the Batman's boomerangs :D

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The story is too old to be commented.