Sony Are Planning To Make It Easier For Devs To Implement AF In PS4 Games – Report

GearNuke :"AF (Anisotropic Filtering) is a texture filtering technique used in most games to enhance the image quality of textures rendered at an oblique viewing angles in the game. It is usually not that costly on the hardware and as such, it is used in almost majority of the games.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the PS4, there have been games that are clearly missing AF settings despite having them on Xbox One. This is a rather strange case as PS4 has a much better hardware than the Xbox One, and if the Xbox One has AF applied in its games, the same should hold true for the PS4."

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hello121022d ago Show
hkgamer1022d ago

it was quite strange that some games are missing AF. is it that much easier to i plement it on xbone because of directX?

i always thought it was just an option to tirn on/off.

uth111022d ago

reading the article, it sounds like there's a right and wrong way to do it, and some devs have done it the wrong way.

probably an API bug

gfk3421022d ago

Dying Light devs have already patched through 1.05 update the missing AF.

kraenk121022d ago

how can anyone vote this simple fact down?! pathetic

dantesparda1022d ago

Cuz fanboys don't like the truth. And not only did they make the AF equivalent to the X1 ver. (around 8x) but they also improved the LOD and added in missing lighting from the PC ver., they've also added in lighting on FC4.

Kayant1022d ago

"is it that much easier to i plement it on xbone because of directX? " - Given that poor AF or lack of AF(To a lesser extend) isn't really a PS4 "problem" no one can say for sure. And from the vague wording of the dev it doesn't sound like there is an actually problem with implementing it like uth11 says could be it's not being done correctly? I wouldn't say it's a bug given the dev says AF works fine(Well as long as what is being said is correct and he not just saying that to not make Sony angry or something).

JMaine5181022d ago

Welp now people can shut up about that. I honestly never noticed it until people pointed it out but I'm happy they are addressing the issue.

u4one1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

"PS4 has a much better hardware than the Xbox One"

well... it has slightly better hardware, not much better. if it were much better it would be able to hang with PC's better. the power differences result in 900p on x1 and 1080p on ps4 for heavy games and 720p x1 to 900p ps4 resolution on really heavy games which is a fairly small margin to compare difference imo. pc's are capable of running 4k (2160p) at 60 fps with the right setup... that is what i personally consider "much better".

that being said - its weird that AF is missing on some pretty big titles considering the ps4 does have a bit more power in its gpu.

johndoe112111022d ago

"well... it has slightly better hardware, not much better. if it were much better it would be able to hang with PC's better."

Didn't make much sense to continue reading after that statement.

u4one1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

hmm... if it didn't make much sense to read a few more sentences explaining why the phrase "much better hardware" continues to irk me then reading must be really labor intensive for you... or you're just closed minded.

let me make sense of it for you.

xbox one without kinect does 1.41 tflops
ps4 does about 1.82 tflops
a radeon r9 390x does 8.6 tflops.

question: which one seems like a slight bump in power and which one seems like "much better hardware". i'll give you a hint. its the radeon (or many other graphics cards that are significantly better than an x1 or ps4).
why is this relevant? because we are talking about an inexpensive render process not being utilized on the ps4 - a seemingly magical machine that rivals pc's for the unbelievable cost of $399 while somewhat throwing the x1 under the bus for a marginal difference - even though the x1 doesn't seem to have a problem with AF.

now then. if we break that into some round number pixel counts. the difference between 900p and 1080p is around 600,000 pixels difference. the difference between 1080p and 2160p (pc capable resolution) is around 8,000,000 pixels... so again i ask - what seems like "much better" hardware?
why is the ps4 with its .41 tflop instruction gain not utilizing AF but still hitting 1080p (most of the time).

my point? the problem most likely has nothing to do with power and everything to do with APIs so why even mention the power difference at all, much less inflate it with exaggerated rhetoric.

snoopgg1021d ago

Didn't make much sense to even talk about pc's being better either!!! Even though they will always be better! unless consoles are made to be upgraded, but that would make the console essentially a pc.

AndrewLB1021d ago

snoopgg- So wait... the lack of being upgradeable is what distinguishes the PS4 and Xbone as being consoles? So where would a laptop computer fit in? Last I checked, you really can't upgrade much other than a hard drive in modern laptops... just like PS4/Xbone. In fact, PS4/Xbone both use mobile APU's that were designed by AMD for the laptop computer market (and slightly tweaked).

Actually, the only thing that I can think of that Consoles have that could be a distinguishing feature is a proprietary operating system environment.

... oh wait. Xbone is running a version of windows and PS4 is a modified distro of FreeBSD. Kinda like Mac OS. hmm...

ahh! Got it! Consoles are consoles because they are a closed platform where all hardware/software access is completely controlled by Sony/Microsoft while PC gaming is a completely open platform where developers don't have to deal with all the strings that come along with bringing games to Sony/MS consoles.

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