Five 'Pokémon' games we're dying to play

Stephanie Carmichael of [email protected] writes:

"Pokémon has taken over lives. If you grew up when Red and Blue appeared in the wild, then you’ve captured a lot of Pokémon, battled a lot of gym leaders, and explored a lot of tall grass by now.

Each new Pokémon game is basically the same familiar routine, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love to see a few nostalgic throwbacks. That, and something completely different and exciting to recharge the series. Below are a few irresistible ideas that developer Game Freak and publisher Nintendo should give serious thought to pursuing.

We’ll just be waiting over here, holding our breath and crossing our fingers."

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Relientk771182d ago

3D Open World RPG on console (similar to Ni no Kuni)