Mortal Kombat X dlc characters release dates

Release dates for the Mortal Kombat X dlc characters

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kratoz12091145d ago

Was hoping sweet tooth was Gunna make it into the list.

CorndogBurglar1145d ago

Dont give up hope yet.

For Injustice they had 4 DLC characters originally, but then later added 4 more because the fans wanted it. They even took votes from fans for what other 4 characters people would want.

So there's still a chance for more characters.

PaleMoonDeath1145d ago

Should have been in the damn game, god damn money grubbing twats.

ironfist921145d ago

Just wait for the Komplete edition again.

saukelover121145d ago

nobody got time to wait bruh

Tedakin1145d ago

Wow that's fast for Jason.

Slevon1145d ago

This looks incredibly fake

divinealpha1145d ago

Take every thing with a grain of salt its April fools day. Lol

divinealpha1145d ago

I saw the picks doesnt look real lol trust me dont get your hopes up.

Kleptic1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

^^It was confirmed weeks ago...Jason Voorhees, the Predator, Tonya (Ed Boon's sister or something, literally), and Tremor...

the two 'klassic' fighters have been in previous MK's (the PS2 era stuff iirc)