Top 25 Games of the Last Generation | 20-16

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onelastkiss4you1059d ago

Still waiting for Catherine guys. Come on it was the only game that mattered last generation.

Knightshade1059d ago

Rock Band 3 is a staple of my household. Every weekend, almost without fail, it's Rock Band and movies with family.

Paul_Cesar1059d ago

Resident Evil 5 is the best. JK. No but really, boulder punching.

umair_s511059d ago

I liked it, so far the list is looking good

CanadianTurtle1059d ago

I hated RE5. It really hurt me on the inside because I was such a big fan of RE4.
I used to be the kind of gamer that only played kiddy Nintendo games. But then I played RE4 on my Gamecube and it was the game that opened me up to M-rated games. I realized that I was missing out on so much!
I got a PS3 just to play RE5, however I was so disappointed. Even though I knew that the game wasn't going to be scary, I was still disappointed.

Such a waste of $60 at the time. Oh well, at least KillZone2 made up for my disappointment.