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Erin Conley: Paperbound is a Smash Bros. inspired brawler developed by Dissident Logic, a one-man company run by Daniel Holbert. While the creator is an industry veteran, this is his first foray into the world of indie development. The concept of Paperbound seems familiar enough at first glance: up to four people indulge in chaotic local multiplayer combat with colorful cartoon characters through the pages of famous books. Paperbound’s ingenious gravity mechanic is what sets it apart from the competition. With the tap of the triangle button, you change the orientation of the gravitational pull on your character. This single mechanic gives the gameplay an entirely unique angle, making it an experience I can’t say I’ve had before. And when you have four people all swapping their character’s gravity constantly, it makes for some hilarious chaos. While the gravity mechanic may sound a bit difficult to understand at first, you’ll have a solid understanding once you’ve finished a few rounds.

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