Xbox One vs. PS4: Which console is king in 2015

So, you’ve finally decided you want to make the leap to a next-gen console? You probably have a few questions, though, or perhaps you’ve merely caught some of the ongoing debate between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 fanatics.

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SniperControl874d ago

"Sony may have sold more units since 2013, sure, but Microsoft is quickly closing the gap"

Isn't the gap growing?

xHeavYx874d ago

I know, right? And the article ends with the obvious quote "Ultimately both devices are quite good and getting better"

johndoe11211874d ago

Loosing is the new winning.

Cindy-rella874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

Sony has been releasing AAA exclusive games for the ps4 in 2015 while their competition hasnt been and wont in the first half of 2015. The ps4 is selling more than twice the amount of the xbox one so i dont see how the sales gap is decreasing. I think this is just an april 1st joke because the facts are clear to see. Im not sure what the definition of king is to the writer but i would think he/she would be referring to which is doing the best.

chrismichaels04873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

Both systems have their strengths and weaknesses. But in terms of which system is ahead, its still the PS4. Not only is the PS4s worldwide sales lead continuing to grow every month, but PS4 also has the 2 highest rated AAA retail exclusive games: The Last of Us Remastered (95) and Bloodborne (93), backed up by an overall pretty solid lineup of games that span across all genres like Infamous Second Son, Killzone Shadow Fall, MLB The Show, LBP3, DriveClub etc...and PS4 still has the deepest library of quality indie titles.

Relientk77874d ago

Yea if were talking bout sales PS4 easily wins that

jjonez18874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

The gap has grown every single month since launch they both launched. The gap shrinking could not be any farther from the truth.

The author may be referring to North America only, but even then, he is still wrong. The gap has been widenening since January and doesn't look to change at least until October when Halo destroys everything. Then in November/December because of CoD and Tomb Raider (Again NA only). Basically things are looking like a 2014 repeat.

badz149874d ago

that's what happens when you skip math at school and just went "F*** it, I'm gonna do gaming journalism!"

the gap is widening and if the gap is a girl doing yoga, it's pretty much almost a perfect split by now! something like this;

r1sh12874d ago

the stupidest thing about this,
both consoles are outselling their previous gen.

Xbox is having a great time,
PS4 is having a phenomenal time.

Why do people care so much?
MS have significantly improved the platform, game sales etc..
You cannot fault them for getting their act together and they are also expanding to the focus to PC.

As a gamer Im excited to see these things happening, a few years ago MS would never have taken feedback the way they do now.
Its been a shift in the management to be more transparent and open with new ideas and to get input from the customers.

the same can be said of Sony - they were pretty closed but they got humbled by a number of things, like the hacks etc..
MS have taken a larger step but Sony are also doing the same now too, although they started earlier.

Khajiit86873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

Hacks are something Sony did not do to you, where MS executives making decisions to try and screw gamers over is ALL on them.

873d ago
r1sh12873d ago

@khajit86.. are you nuts?
The lack of security exposed date of birth and address details which can still be found on the internet.
Basic encryption was not present so yes Sony breached the first 5 principles of the data protection act.

Not all MS executives were pushing those decisions, only a couple were.
Im sorry but for an enterprise level company, the fact that Sony did not salt or hash data shows how immature they were at the time, which is grossly misconduct.
The MS executive changes put people that actually see games for what they are, and now those decisions are affecting the MS related products for the better.

I never said sony were bending over backwards, but they have been taking more account of customer views and feedback.

angelusbrz874d ago

lol yes, garbage article...

RocketScienceLvlStuf874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

This isn't game of thrones. PS4 is king and always will be king. All xbone can do is bow down on it's knees

ScorpiusX874d ago

Or poison the King to watch him turn purple and bow to no one .

sovkhan873d ago


When we've poisoned our ownselves already!!!

Not smart enough :)

medman873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

The winner is the ps4, natch. It's been a winner since day one.

Automatic79873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

Both systems have there strengths and weaknesses. In terms of Sales sony wins in terms of the most highly rated franchises published by first party this generation Microsoft, in terms of the most multiplayer based games Microsoft, in terms of most first party games online and retail, software updates, online and overall experiences hands down MS. For those that don't know the MS published titles

Halo MCC
Forza Motorsport
Forza Horizon
Sunset Overdrive
Ori and the Blind Forest

chrismichaels04873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

Im a little confused by your statement. In terms of first party published games, the winner is still PS4.

List of Sony First Party published games:
- The Last of Us (95)
- Bloodborne (92)
- Resogun (84)
- MLB14 The Show (83)
- MLB15 The Show
- The Unfinished Swan (83)
- HellDivers (81)
- Infamous Second Son (80)
- LittleBigPlanet 3 (79)

Note: Just a quick FYI...Titanfall was published by EA, not Microsoft Game Studios.

brew873d ago

You missed

- Flower (91)
- Sound Shapes (84)

Automatic79873d ago (Edited 873d ago )


Dead Rising 3
State of Decay
D4 Dark Dreams Don't Die

chrismichaels04873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

@MichaelLito -

PS4 still has:
- Hohokum
- Super StarDust Ultra
- Killzone Shadow Fall
- DriveClub
- Doki Doki Universe
- The Order 1886
- Flower
- Sound Shapes
- Escape Plan

The point still stands, PS4 has more first party published games than Xone. Go take a look at the complete list at

Note: Another FYI...Minecraft may now be owned by MS, but the game is still also available on PS4.

dafegamer873d ago

Sony had higher rated first party games.
Titanfall isnt even first party

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Tsar4ever01873d ago

Hmmm, and the point of that article wassssssss? *Sarcasm"

TheXgamerLive873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

The true answer to this is which ever console is your favorite. Theirs no crowned king.

Bdub2000873d ago

Damn bro, don't ever insinuate X1 is on par with PS4 on N4G. You will get crucified with disagrees and bubble loss. Even just saying there is no king is freaking treason around here.

OT: if sales are what we are basing this off of, the ps4 takes the cake. But the lineup of games on X1 for me still holds my attention the best.

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Rimeskeem874d ago

I think E3 will be a deciding factor on this

Insomnia_84874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

E3 is gonna rock this year!

I think things like this are a deciding factor:

A great game on a great platform through a great portable with a great feature! Only PlayStation offers me this kind of experiences.


johndoe11211874d ago

Same thing was said about E3 last year
Same thing was said about secret phantom double GPU
Same thing was said about power of da cloudz
Same thing was said about kinect
Same thing was said about dx12
Same thing was said about HMCC
Same thing was said about controlling your tv
Same thing was said about dropping the price
And yet the gap just keeps growing.

Gamer1982873d ago

Sssh you cant say things like that they will take away your bubblez!!

StrayaKNT874d ago

Sales = ps4
Games = xbox

It will be a good year this year

jjonez18874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

Funny, especially because given the lineup of the first 10 months of 2015.
I would say-

Sales = PS4
Games = PS4

Opinions may vary. Regardless PS4 and XB1 will have great 2015 in both categories.

darkangel360874d ago

Games=xbox one

Unless youre to mention those hundreds of ps4 indie crap games that are cheap and boring if wanted to play indies i use my phone for that, if i want to play good exclusives y use my xbox!
Remember dude its better quality over quantity

sovkhan873d ago


Well have the decency not to force us list the games, because unless you are unable to count, there are more games on the ps4 no matter what!!!

Listwar is here for that go have a look!!!