Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Shows HD Remasters Are a Good Thing

We all have our thoughts on HD Remasters and on My Games Lounge there is even a divide in the editors opinion. Some say they are all about making easy money, tidy up the game a bit and re-release it even though console developers could be backwards compatible if they wanted to. Then there are those that like them and enjoy playing either a higher quality version of a game they love or even playing a game for the first time they missed for various reasons.

In the above video we look at how Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is an example of a great HD Remaster, particularly if you haven't played the games before like me. But what we're really interested in is what you think of remastered games.

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Corpser1060d ago

remasters of 2+ old games on new consoles that run worse than the 2+ old PC version smh

Godz Kastro1060d ago

How do they run worse? I havent had any issues. Im legitimately asking.

kaizokuspy1060d ago

They don't. I have bought 3 remaster so far. FF10-102 for ps3, chronicles tales of symphonic ps3, and borderlands remaster for ps4. All ran smooth and played great! Especially borderlands. Here's where I come from. I was 360 all the way last Gen for the most part. I never played god of war series, but now that God of war 3 is being remastered/released come july, I'll be able to be apart of the series as a new fan. Same works for Xbox one. If they remaster their old is to new comers and inlude all dlc (gow collection) then that too would be a great buy. Gamers and devs benefit from remasters. So there is no downside, unless you're buying super Mario all stars for the millionth time on the virtual console. That's a tired gimmick.

aquamala1060d ago

not that it's broken, but on consoles it's only using FXAA, frame rate drops to 40s fps, PC has PhysX, etc, see the Digital Foundry Faceoff

Christopher1060d ago (Edited 1059d ago )

They don't run worse, but they are pretty crappy ports. PS4/XBO versions lacks any weather effects, cloth simulation, environment destruction, and have noticeably less detail than the PC running at low settings.

At those who disagree, please watch this:

3-4-51059d ago

* Title should read:

* Borderlands: Handsome Jack Collection shows Remasters COULD be a could thing.

Just because this one is awesome, doesn't mean the rest of them will be.

What a terrible title......It's purposefully misleading and beyond ignorant.

That person just bragged to us about their incompetence whilst at the same time not knowing they have done that.....( the title )

* Micheal Jordan hitting half court shots doesn't prove that half court shots are now smart to take.


It does however PROVE that is CAN be done.

rosscoffx1059d ago

Relax dude, firstly if you read the title of the video from YouTube it says "can be" the limitations of characters in n4 made me change it.

You're also asked multiple times for your opinion in the video.

Your comparison is a little off too, to suggest recasting a game is a "long shot" when the titles being Remastered were highly popular, award winning and score well on Metacritic is not right.

HD Remasters are a bit like reruns of classic tvshows, we like to moan about them always being on but in the end we still love them and will inevitably end up spending hours watching (in the games case playing) them.

They are there and a good option, for people and it's a simple choice: buy it or don't.

UnHoly_One1060d ago

I don't like the idea of remasters, but obviously people are buying them like crazy.

I will admit that I bought this one, but only because I intentionally waited on the Pre-Sequel expecting this, and hadn't played it at all yet.

I decided to go for the full package and upgrade BL2 while I was at it, since I had never gotten around to doing much with the DLCs in that game either. And this is my favorite franchise from last gen, so there's that.

If there was ever one of these packages that truly gave yo your money's worth in content, it's this one. (Master Chief Collection as well, but that's all about multiplayer while this is solo/co-op)

magiciandude1060d ago

Well, at least you are getting slightly better value out of this than GoW: Remastered, TLOU: Remastered, TR: Definitive Edition, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, DmC: Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition, the upcoming Batman remasters, etc. That said, it's very odd that they left out the first game.

Bobby Kotex1060d ago

He liked the Handsome Collection, therefore all remasters are a good thing. Uh ok.

rosscoffx1059d ago

Don't think I said that buddy, more a case of this shows its good from my perspective having not played it before. Also ask for others opinions too.

Father__Merrin1060d ago

this is actually well worth it, better than metro redux

I may get this for local coop

Dirtnapstor1060d ago

Rented the Handsome collection. Pass. Not worth the upgrade considering its cell-shaded. Saw no significant difference that blew me away.

Unreal011059d ago

This is an awful opinion. This collection is worth every penny for the sheer amount of content alone.

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