PlayStation TV should be essential at £44.99, but Sony need to support it properly

Dealspwn: "Last week we exclusively broke the news that Sony officially slashed the price of the PlayStation TV down from £89.99 to £44.99, turning what was once a somewhat niche proposition a an incredibly tempting offer. Amazon sales went through the roof as other sites soon caught onto the story (and linked to us in the main, which was much appreciated), but in all the commotion we didn't have time to discuss what this means for Sony's odd yet adorable little device.

So let's put that right. At £44.99, PlayStation TV is now almost a must-buy purchase for any PS4 owner... but it deserves and needs much more support from Sony to fully realise its potential."

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rajman1086d ago

I still wonder why they havent patched Uncharted Golden Abyss to make it compatible with the PSTV

Blues Cowboy1086d ago

Yeah, Netflix should be mandatory on this thing.

Godmars2901086d ago

Media support should have been both mandatory and available day one.

SoapShoes1086d ago

I agree that they dropped the ball on this, media other than crackle should have been there day one! That said, I love it and most new vita games support it.

Blues Cowboy1086d ago

Bizarre, ain't it? It would seem like a high priority, though I suppose the touchscreen sections would be impossible to complete.

hkgamer1086d ago

netflix, amazon, now, bbc & 4od should be on this thing. if it isnt then dont call it psTV.

psvue should be available for US audience.

whats the point having the TV name when it soesnt have the ability to watch shows.

OUROSMAG1086d ago

Still want a Vita instead.

Bennibop1086d ago

I have bought one since the price drop,,it is now good value for money especially if you are a plus subscriber.

Agent_00_Revan1086d ago

Still waiting on the price drop in the US so I can buy a 2nd one. Great device, poor support.

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