How to listen to the Vice City soundtrack while playing GTA 5

VG24/7:"We dig the GTA 5 soundtrack. But we also love the Vice City radio stations. Now with the power of music streaming service Spotify on PS4 we can finally combine both."

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G20WLY1116d ago

Spotify has been awesome so far!

And the Vice City soundtrack is far better than the GTA V one, in my opinion!

bloodybutcher1116d ago

Yup, in VC i could drive around for hours just listening to the radio

SilentNegotiator1116d ago

I loved GTA5, but the soundtrack was kind of weak.

LoveSpuds1116d ago

Vice City is still my personal favourite gta title, for me it captured the 80s perfectly and as someone who was a kid in the 80s it hit the nostalgia right on the button.