Axiom Verge Review: Incorruptible Nostalgia | Paste

Paste: Axiom Verge treats information as bacteria, alive and festering. The accident that causes protagonist Trace to fumble into the world of a Metroid game that never was is caused by an experiment gone awry—technological hubris mixed with incompetence. The main villain turns out to be someone thoroughly infested by information, vile with an overload of data. Corrupted data manifests as rotten blobs of broken pixels that block the way to the next objective. To break these barriers, you find a gun that hacks them back into order, as well as bombs that destroy larger masses of glitched goo. These weapons also affect enemies, discombobulating them into broken shapes (be on the lookout for Missingno). Watching these corrupted enemies thrash around is unsettling. What’s it like to be corrupted?

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