Image and timed-exclusivity period revealed for the PS4 bonus content in Batman Arkham Knight

An image, as well as details on the timed-exclusivity period, for the PS4 bonus content in Batman Arkham Knight.

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NuggetsOfGod935d ago ShowReplies(4)
XBLSkull934d ago

I'm not the biggest batman fan, but I'm definitely looking forward to the game. I'd never buy themed hardware like that but it is pretty cool if you are a big batman fan.

SmokingMonkey935d ago

Love the classic Batman! and Batmobil!

My most anticipated game this year, it was U4.

Also, Mad Max and No Man's Sky and Tearaway Unfolded and...oh crap.

ShutUpDonny935d ago

I'm so playing this game with the Classic TV Batman! If only it came with Adam West's voice, this would be the most darkly funny game of all time.

rdgneoz3935d ago

Or Adam West voicing Mayor West voicing Batman...

LordMaim935d ago

"They're stealing our water!"

deadpoolio316935d ago

If it's the same as every other Arkham game you wont be playing with it until you complete the game once...Its kind of surprising they are recycling a skin since Origins which had a better story than Arkham City had the 1960s Batman skin....I don't get how out of 5 games now none of them had a 1989 Keaton Batman skin

CorndogBurglar935d ago (Edited 935d ago )

Are you counting Blackgate as the 4th game?

Also, i played as Dark Knight Retuns Batman in Arkham City without beating it. I only played through that game once, so i'm fairly certain Arkham Origins is the only one where you had to finish the game before using other skins.

I may have started a 2nd playthrough when i used the DKR skin and just not finished it, but i could have sworn i used it on my first playthrough.

beerzombie935d ago

I met him at a car show he was cool as shit and they had Tim Burton's Bat-mobile there too.

methegreatone935d ago

I'd first play it with the normal skins and everything. Experience it in all seriousness.

Then I'll wear all those skins on my second playthrough :D

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Spotie935d ago

That's actually pretty cool.

gangsta_red935d ago

That is pretty cool.

It would be cooler if as the classic Batman every time you hit an enemy a POW, BAM or ZIP would pop up. That would be GOTY material right there.

Gamer1982935d ago

LEGO batman 3 has that feature if you use classic batman.

gangsta_red935d ago

Really? Never played any of the Lego games but that just sounds hilarious.

I think it would be a great touch to this game since it's all dark, brooding and so serious. It would add a great comedy levity aspect to the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.